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Alexandra Evans

head of child safety public policy, Europe, TikTok

lexandra's role is to protect and empower young people so they can thrive on TikTok. Before joining TikTok, Alexandra was Chief of Strategy at the 5Rights Foundation where she played a leading role in the successful campaign to enshrine enhanced data rights for children in UK law. As Policy Director of the BBFC, she was responsible for UK classification standards in cinemas, on DVD and online. Issues Alexandra works on include online child sexual abuse and exploitation, bullying/harassment, harmful and inappropriate content, data protection and privacy, access to information, evolving developmental capacities of children, design of services, digital wellbeing and digital rights. Before specialising in digital policy, Alexandra practiced law at a leading London firm, advising clients on discrimination, free speech, privacy and reputation protection.


How TikTok is finding innovative ways to keep their users safe

To mark Safer Internet Day, TikTok’s head of child safety public policy explains the new features that the company's industry-leading team of safety experts have been working on