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Isabel Hardman

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One writer on how she learned to live with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects 5.1 per cent of women in London. Isabel Hardman explains how she learned to cope

ES Magazine

Is now the time for a new centrist party?

Privately, it has dominated talk in the corridors of Westminster


No 10’s strategy against Corbyn risks bringing down the Government

Senior Tories’ macho threats to frighten Remainer MPs off siding with Labour on a customs union may backfire disastrously


Isabel Hardman: Osborne’s spoonful of Budget medicine needs some

While the Chancellor plans £12 billion cuts in benefits, a credible house-building plan is crucial for the future


Isabel Hardman: Rebranding the Tories will take more than just upbeat

With the agenda set out in today's Queen's Speech, the Prime Minister is on a mission to spread his party's appeal