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Jimi Famurewa

Jimi Famurewa is the Evening Standard's chief restaurant critic

The Reveller

BAO: Lip-smacking riff on noodle soup shops is an instant classic

‘I think only of their crispy tripe: thin, wrinkled, golden-brown strips of the stuff in a sweet, spice-hammered crumb, served beside a cool spring onion dip’


Jimi on The Magazine: So nearly there, like a penalty off the post

The Magazine is sincere, nobly conceived… but it sits in a kind of half-cocked conceptual hinterland, says Jimi Famurewa

The Reveller

Jimi on SUMI: Lots of fun at mind-blowingly original sushi joint

Chef Yasuda Akinori packs familiar comforts for a sushi-literate audience, but deals in some curveballs too


Jimi Famurewa on Molly’s Café: Stripped-back saloon has emotive power

Despite a handful of hiccups, this is a place with a quiet, personable charm, says Jimi Famurewa


Jimi on Akoko: Palate-jolting West African reboot worth the wait

After hard-won changes, Aji Akokomi’s long-stewing restaurant has become one of the more vital restaurants in the city, says Jimi Famurewa


‘Euro 2020 is going to be football’s glorious, mad coming out party’

Pre-pandemic, Jimi Famurewa was at most a casual football observer. Post-lockdown? He’s a full-on obsessive, counting the minutes until the Euros begin


Jimi on the NoMad: Firework of a room let down by forgettable cooking

The London outpost of the New York hotel has bags of atmosphere, says Jimi Famurewa, it’s just a shame its skilfully crafted food tends towards the anonymous


Imad’s Syrian Kitchen finds strength in simplicity, says Jimi Famurewa

It looked like it was to be a long afternoon, says Jimi Famurewa — but then, blessedly, the trajectory of the entire lunch shifted


A delicious riot of perfect pastry is an Insta phenomenon to savour

Bao’s steamed dough penis is a sign of the very strange times


Solve the WFH lunch puzzle with inspiration from the office classics

Answer the burdensome ‘what’s for lunch?’ question with a little reminder of office life

Food + Drink

Pep in your step — walktails are just the tonic for lockdown rambles

We live in a golden age of upmarket off-licences and portable cocktails, says Jimi Famurewa


The slice is right: Jimi Famurewa on the hunt for London’s best pizza

While waiting uncertainly for restaurants to return, Jimi Famurewa finds comfort on a pizza pilgrimage

Food + Drink

Jimi Famurewa: Mum’s food parcels were this year’s comforting constant

From briquette-scented summer nights to the bundled-up depths of a bleak winter, Jimi Famurewa’s mum has been there, bringing the family closer with her doorstop deliveries


Covid dining has been an advert for the magic of a good restaurant

Lockdown may have inspired its successes, says Jimi Famurewa, but a considered return to normality could not be more welcome


Finding the one: Jimi discovers the new wave of single-dish deliveries

Is there a future for all this single-mindedness in a reopened world?


Jimi Famurewa reviews the Tramshed Project: Palate-jangling brilliance

Jimi Famurewa finds just what he’s looking for at Shoreditch’s sprawling Tramshed Project


Jimi Famurewa on Caribe': Effortless facilitator of uncommon happiness

Hidden away in south London, Caribe’ is a vital ray of tropical sunshine, finds Jimi Famurewa


Jimi Famurewa reviews Eldr at Pantechnicon: Mad ambition comforts

Jimi Famurewa soaks up the grandeur of Belgravia gastrodome Eldr at Pantechnicon


Jimi Famurewa reviews The Dairy Bermondsey: It blazes with confidence

Views aside, The Dairy Bermondsey’s radical new home is an absolute delight, says Jimi Famurewa

ES Magazine

Why Pa Salieu is the rapper to have on your radar

And what a life it has already been: at 23, Pa Salieu has worked with the likes of FKA twigs, found himself all over the radio… and survived being shot in the head. Jimi Famurewa meets the most exciting, inventive and original rapper to come out of the UK in a long, long time