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John Arlidge

<p>Shop until you Depop: The rise and rise of the secondhand site</p>

Top of the shops: How Depop took over the world

As Etsy snaps up the zeitgeist Gen-Z marketplace for $1.6 billion — what does it mean for the future of fashion? John Arlidge reports on a revolution


How did Lex Greensill seduce the world?

He inveigled himself into the highest echelons of the establishment, now his empire is in freefall causing destruction to all around him. So just who is the real Lex Greensill? John Arlidge reports


London’s high streets will survive and even thrive again—here’s how

The boarded-up windows that now scar London’s most celebrated shopping destinations tell the story of the tough time shops have just been through. But all is not lost. John Arlidge talks to those helping the high street come back with a bang


Is this the moment of reckoning for the gig economy?

A Supreme Court ruling declaring that Uber drivers are workers who are entitled to benefits will send shockwaves across the gig economy. It’s a triumph in the battle of David versus Goliath, says John Arlidge


Can the British fashion industry survive Covid and Brexit?

Beset by the existential threats of Covid and Brexit - and now facing a reckoning over sustainability, the fashion industry is in flux. John Arlidge reports


Is President Biden too late to tame big tech?

Never mind the global recession, big tech has never had it so good. But with the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy theories, Joe Biden knows he needs to get a grip. Is it already too late? 

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Is fashion going out of fashion?

Lockdown has changed our attitudes to what we wear and how we shop. So, asks John Arlidge, what does the future look like for the $1.5 trillion global fashion industry?

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How Coronavirus is threatening the fashion industry

Coronavirus is threatening to plunge the £2 trillion global fashion business into its worst crisis since the financial crash of 2008. John Arlidge reports

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How a new generation around the world is finding its political voice

John Arlidge reports on the global youthquake shaking up the status quo...

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Is this the end of Al Jazeera?

The Middle East’s most famous news network has gone from delivering headlines to making them, as it is caught in the tussle between Qatar and its rivals and blamed for radicalising one of the London Bridge terrorists. John Arlidge investigates...


Live gigs, sunrise Pilates and a meditation zone: inside Second Home,

Only London’s brightest innovators and sparkiest techies are invited to take up residence at Second Home, a revolutionary shared office just off Brick Lane. John Arlidge clocks in with its creators Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton

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Versace and co have designs on your home

Are you sitting fashionably? Designers want you to. As Versace builds its first multimillion-pound luxury homes in the capital, John Arlidge reports on the catwalk kings turned property magnates


TAG Heuer aims to outsmart Apple watch

TAG Heuer aim to succeed where Apple stumbled with its new Connected watch. John Arlidge assesses its chances

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The paranoid world of London's super-rich

DNA-laced security mist, chemical, biological and nuclear-proof panic rooms and superyacht getaway subs. The paranoid world of London’s super-rich rivals anything you see in Spectre, as John Arlidge reports


The tech set's summer season: how to find the Uber or Net-a-porter

From London to Stockholm, Dublin to Las Vegas, the capital’s canniest investors are on a year-round grand tour of far-flung conferences and seafaring summits to find the next Uber or Net-a-porter. John Arlidge joins the jet-setting tech set on ‘The Circuit’

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Bitcoins: currency 2.0

London is the fastest-growing hub in Europe for bitcoin users. The much-hyped virtual currency is changing hands in pubs, cafés and e-boutiques across the capital. Does it herald a cashless future or is it a no-cash flash in the pan, asks John Arlidge

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Because we're worth it

With Crown Estate profits up on last year, the Queen is splashing out, Kate’s getting another kitchen and Charles is using the royal train at 200 times the cost of a standard fare. John Arlidge takes a peek inside the privy purse

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Net profits: the ex-footballers winning in business

For top footballers, retirement arrives in their thirties when most City boys are just hitting their stride. But rather than frittering away their staggering wages on booze and Bentleys, the current crop of past-it Premiership players are going into property, private equity and, er, pasties. John Arlidge reports on a whole new ball game


John Arlidge: London is the richer for having most billionaires

The number of new homes billionaires are building exceeds 20,000. Many of those are affordable housing

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The great London land grab. Why the world wants a slice of our booming

Foreign investors are snapping up the city’s hottest new-build properties, pricing ordinary Londoners out of the market, critics say. But housebuilders insist foreign cash is helping to solve the housing crisis. John Arlidge reports

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To infinity... and beyond: Richard Branson on why Virgin Atlantic is

Virgin Atlantic has had a tough recession, losing £150 million over the past two years. But with a lucrative deal with US airline giant Delta, a shiny new fleet and his Virgin Galactic spaceship about to take off, Richard Branson says that 2014 will be his year. John Arlidge caught up with the billionaire businessman

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We own Christmas: the man behind John Lewis

Thanks to his cartoon bear and hare, Andy Street expects John Lewis to make £150m a week between now and Christmas. That’s a ten-fold profit on a £7m TV ad. John Arlidge meets the CEO who wants to steal Christmas

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'What is fashion? I don't know': meet J Crew's main man Mickey Drexler

Mickey Drexler is the Steve Jobs of retail, a man who knows what we want before we want it. John Arlidge meets him as he and his right-hand woman, Jenna Lyons, bring some East Coast cool to London

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Arkady Novikov: the restaurateur who is turning tables

Arkady Novikov hails from a country where they serve lard on toast. But this week the Russian opens a new restaurant and club in Mayfair. Not bad for a man who couldn’t even get a job in McDonald’s. John Arlidge meets the food tsar 

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Joanna Shields: the superwoman of Tech City

When David Cameron asked Facebook’s Europe boss to be the government’s new technology guru, she took the job but turned down the salary. John Arlidge meets Joanna Shields, the tough-talking multimillionaire who’s putting Silicon Roundabout on the world map

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Forget about the price tag: Qatar's Sheikha Mayassa is outbidding the

Sheikha Mayassa has a £1 billion annual budget to buy up the world’s most sought-after works of art for her galleries in Qatar, paying well over the odds at auction to ensure hers is always the winning bid. John Arlidge on the art world’s biggest spender

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‘A museum is for intoxication. You feel like you’ve had too many

Chris Dercon talks to John Arlidge about hosting underground gigs, staging fashion shows and why his museum can answer the questions Google can’t

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Charles Dunstone: why the billionaire mobile mogul is bringing Five

John Arlidge meets Charles Dunstone, the Carphone Warehouse boss bringing the ‘world’s best burgers’ to London

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Middle East Enders: meet the Qataris hoovering up London

What do you do if you’re the leader of a tiny country with deep pockets bent on becoming a global player? Embark on a £10 billion shopping spree in London, snapping up banks, buildings and historic brands. John Arlidge on the Qataris’ capital takeover

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Mayfair’s most wanted: ES meets Yevgeny Chichvarkin

How does a Russian oligarch on the run with a taste for fruity New World plonk become London’s premier wine dealer? John Arlidge meets Yevgeny Chichvarkin

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Gold Rush - luxury brands pour into Brazil

John Arlidge reports on the samba surge hoping to cash in on the World Cup and Olympics consumer boom

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Rich, Chinese and ready to shop: London's new big spenders

Designer handbags, riverside apartments, fashion labels, even Weetabix… more and more Chinese are splashing their cash in London. And with China loosening restrictions on foreign travel and overseas spending, we’re doing everything we can to attract the ‘Peking pound’, says John Arlidge