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Kerry Potter

<p>Meg Matthews</p>

My London: Meg Mathews

The nineties Britpop party girl turned menopause campaigner buys organic produce at Artichoke and savours Milos’ Greek fare

The Escapist

Toxic positivity is the new #FirstWorldProblems

WhatsApp groups across the capital are getting a little bit too #hashtag grateful this lockdown


Is Joe Wicks ok?

Cometh a third lockdown, cometh Joe Wicks: once more beaming positivity and PE lessons into our lounges. But what about his own mental state? Kerry Potter stretches off and listens to his woes

ES Magazine

How a workplace revolution is set to change London for good

The desk job’s dead — and that’s only the start of things, says Kerry Potter

ES Magazine

Why 3D couture is the future

Once dismissed as a gimmick, 3D printing is poised to revolutionise the fashion industry. As Karl Lagerfeld embraces the technology at Chanel, Kerry Potter reports on style’s new frontier