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Madeleine Feeny


Animal by Lisa Taddeo review

The first novel from the Three Women writer is psychologically astute but not as impactful as her non-fiction bestseller


Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid review

Imagine Blue Water High and Selling Sunset had a lovechild, or Jackie Collins rewrote The O.C, combined with propulsive storytelling - and you’ll get an inkling of this family saga’s escapist magic, says Madeleine Feeny


The Baby is Mine by Oyinkan Braithwaite review: comic domestic noir

This satirical reimagining of a bible story set in modern Nigeria is part drama, part thriller and part comic domestic noir, says Madeleine Feeny


Fragile Monsters by Catherine Menon review

Superstition and science, the past and present, and truth and lies all collide in this propulsive, multigenerational story set in Malaysia, says Madeleine Feeny


Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan review

Madeleine Feeny enjoys this millennial novel, which is as ruthlessly navel-gazing as Karl Ove Knausgaard’s finest auto-fiction


The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell review

This important, well-intentioned book about the difficulties of modern motherhood fizzes with good ideas, but may come over as insensitive to women staring over the so-called fertility ‘cliff edge’, says Madeleine Feeny 


Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters review: bold and timely

This is an exuberant novel of ideas, desire and life’s messy ironies