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Nicola Slawson

<p>Despite the capital’s clear horizons, its air remains dirty</p>
Future London

Why now is the time to act on London’s air pollution problem

Lockdowns have cleared the skies, but the capital’s air remains dirty and damaging to our health. Nicola Slawson considers the lessons from a project launched last January to look for solutions


Tackling the hidden dangers of pollution — inside your home

We often think of dirty air in terms of busy roads and exhaust fumes but some of the most immediate dangers are found within our four walls. Here Nicola Slawson explains how many of them are caused by cleaning products and sealed windows

The Air We Breathe

‘Wouldn’t happen in Surrey’: Demands for air pollution investigation

Southall residents are complaining of worsening asthma, eye irritation, breathing problems, nausea and confusion

The Air We Breathe

‘We need to confront the issue of inequality and air pollution’

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah fought for years to establish the cause of her daughter’s death. She tells Nicola Slawson why the impact of London’s dirty air is not equal

The Air We Breathe

‘Bringing everyone together is the way to make real change’

Those most affected by the problem of air pollution are the least likely to be involved in the solution. How can we change that?

The Air We Breathe

Lockdown exercise: why getting outside can boost your wellbeing

Don’t let air pollution stop you exercising outdoors in the city - choose parks or backstreets

The Air We Breathe

Ulez extension 2021: What will it mean for London's air pollution?

The new extended ultra low emissions zone comes in next year. Nicola Slawson hears from people who will be affected


How Low Emission Bus Zones and electric fleets are reducing pollution

An evaluation of the zones found emissions of NO2 and NO were down by an average of 90 per cent


How much pollution do we breathe in on our commute?

This is what's in the dirty air we are exposed to as we travel - and what we can do to make it cleaner


What is PM2.5 and what does it do to the lungs?

Did you know much of London's pollution is invisible?


What impact do wood burners have on our health?

They seem natural but a wood-burner can emit more polluting particles than a diesel lorry, say scientists


How to make your wood-burning stove less harmful to your health

Worried about the pollution caused by your solid-fuel burner? Here are some solutions


How London's air pollution is impacting people with asthma

Pollution can be particularly dangerous for people with breathing problems. That’s why charities are campaigning to change the law


How does air pollution affect our lungs – and bodies?

A recent report found dirty air can impact every human cell


How has lockdown affected London's air quality?

Lockdown has seen a drop in some pollutants around the capital. Can that continue?