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Pete Wise

Gadgets & Tech

10 best GPS trackers for cars

Dude, there’s your car. These GPS trackers can pinpoint a vehicle’s location via apps and SMS.

Home & Garden

12 best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021 for all budgets

Cordlessness is next to godliness. Spruce up your home with a high-tech battery-powered vac.

Home Accessories

10 best microwaves of 2021

Ding! Your guide to ten of the best “meecro-wa-vays” is ready


Best memory foam mattresses in the UK

Super-supportive memory foam mattress tried and tested 

Home & Garden

Best mattresses 2021: memory foam, pocket sprung, hybrid and deals

The comfiest, cleverest and best-made mattresses you can buy, including pocket sprung, memory foam and hybrid models

Food & Drink

Best hot sauce: sweet, smokey and HOT

We try some of the fieriest, most flavoursome hot sauces from around the world

Home & Garden

Best saucepan sets: durable, non-stick pans to improve your cooking

Cook the meals of your dreams with our top-rated cookware sets

Gadgets & Tech

Best robot vacuum cleaners of 2021 reviewed

Had enough of hefting hoovers? These robot vacs will do the heavy dust-lifting for you

Gadgets & Tech

Best smart door locks 2021 to keep your home secure

Leave your keys at the door – these smart locks can be opened with keycodes, fingerprints, smartphones and more

Home & Garden

Best camping gear: the essential kit you need

Plan for future trips or camp out in the garden with 2020’s best camping equipment


Best tagines

Keep the moisture in your meals with this diverse assortment of tagines


8 best hedge trimmers to keep your garden tidy 2020

That hedge needs a trim. One of these cordless, mains-powered or petrol hedge trimmers will do the trick

Home Accessories

Best hedge trimmers 2018

Find the perfect trimmer to get your hedge in shape for springtime 

Home & Garden

Mattress buying guide: How to buy the best mattress 2019

Get sleep down to a fine art by choosing the right mattress 


Best electric toothbrushes for healthier and whiter teeth

From smart tech to Scandinavian style, there’s more to electric toothbrushes than you think…


10 last minute perfume gifts for men delivered in time for Christmas

Get a fresh fragrance for the festive season, from smoky and sophisticated to fresh and fruity.

Gadgets & Accessories

Best camping gadgets 2019

For happier camping in 2019, check out these fantastically handy gadgets


Best hiking and travel backpacks

Whether you’re a day-hiker or a long-distance trekker, one of these backpacks will be your ideal companion. 

Gadgets & Tech

Best dash cams

Settle disputes and capture footage for fun with these dash cams for all budgets 


Best dishwashers for all budgets

Put your feet up and get those dishes sparkling with the very best dishwashers no matter the budget 

Gadgets & Tech

Best soundbars

Add quality and power to your TV’s sound with these outstanding home audio devices 


Best mattresses in the UK for all budgets

Get sleep down to a fine art with these outstanding mattresses

Food & Drink

Best pod coffee machines

Step this way for great-tasting, home brewed coffee, fresh from the pod


Best interactive cat toys

Because the devil makes work for idle paws…

Gadgets & Tech

Best drones for photography

Elevate your perspective with these photo-and-video-shooting drone

Home Accessories

Best smart locks 2018

Kiss goodbye to cumbersome keys and get a smartphone-compatible smart lock


Best DAB Radios

Let's get digital

Outdoor Furniture

Best family camping tents

Spring has sprung – time to get out there and under canvas with the people you love


Best turntables for all budgets

Whether you want a cheap fix or a lifelong companion, these record players will help you celebrate Record Store Day in style

Gadgets & Tech

Best portable speakers

Join the portable sound revolution with one of these sensational Bluetooth speakers

Home Accessories

Best sewing machines for all levels: Your guide to the perfect stitch

Repair, rejig and create clothes and furnishings with these superb sewing machines


Best knife sharpener

Ceramic or steel; rod, stone or wheel? Let’s find out which knife sharpener’s a cut above

Health & Fitness

Best British hikes and the gear to get you there

Pete Wise reviews the longest and wildest of Britain’s national trails and selects some suitable hiking gear for every route

Fitness wear

Best men's hiking boots 2018

From high-performance to high-fashion, this selection of top hiking boots covers all the bases

Home & Garden

Best car cleaning products

Freshen up your automobile with these top-notch cleaning products for interiors and exteriors


Best cord trousers for men

Get the lowdown on the best cord trousers – including dapper drainpipes, Italian couture and some high street bargains to boot