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Rosie Fitzmaurice

Rosie Fitzmaurice is a lifestyle writer at the Evening Standard. She covers news, trend-led features and reviews across the wellness, fitness, beauty and health sectors.

The Escapist

What exactly goes on in a sex therapy session?

Lost your mojo? Rosie Fitzmaurice meets the woman bringing mindful orgasms to the masses


Earth Day: Sustainable activewear brands to have on your radar

Make more eco-conscious choices when next updating your workout wardrobe

Health & Fitness

Best wetsuits to buy in 2021

Suits for swimming, surfing, paddleboarding and triathlon training

The Escapist

I had to watch my father’s funeral on Facebook Live

The images of the Queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral were haunting. Sadly, it has been a grim reality for many during Covid, says Rosie Fitzmaurice who was forced to say farewell to her dad online

Food + Drink

Ramadan recipes: Marwa Alkhalaf’s zulubia with yoghurt mousse

In our new series, top chefs observing the holy month of Ramadan share their favourite recipes for iftar, the post-sunset meal that breaks the fast


Can you make yourself a morning person?

Sleep hygiene and your circadian rhythm explained

The Escapist

Can you use anxiety as a superpower?

Adrenaline running high? Good — it can supercharge your life and career, says Rosie Fitzmaurice

Health & Fitness

Your little black book of the best personal trainers in London

They've sculpted and toned the bodies of models and moguls, now it's your turn, says Rosie Fitzmaurice



6 steps to a good night’s sleep, according to an insomnia expert

From ditching your sleep tracker to building a 'sleep drive', sleep specialist Kathryn Pinkham shares her expert tips 

The Escapist

7 at-home health test kits for boosting your wellbeing

From Numan’s finger-prick MOT kit to Medichecks’ fitness blood test, these are the health checks you can order to your door


Intuitive fasting is like a ‘yoga class for your metabolism’

Forget the 5:2, a flexible metabolism is the goal of a new diet that Gywneth Paltrow is backing. Rosie Fitzmaurice asks if yoga for digestion is the answer to a healthy body


Why you need to start caring for the microbiome in your mouth

From tongue scraping to water flossing and the active ingredients not to miss, experts share their top tips for oral hygiene


The home hair treatments to get you through to April

The high-tech home treatments and super oils that will get you over the finish line until that sacred first appointment


Why’s everyone taking ice baths all of a sudden?

Blasting yourself with freezing cold water for just a few minutes a day can improve focus, increase energy and reduce stress. Rosie Fitzmaurice finds out more

The Escapist

Brain food: how to eat and sleep your way to a healthy mind

Need a brain boost? From smart snacks to the supplements worth their salt, Rosie Fitzmaurice has a plan to keep you firing on all cylinders


How to find the right running headphones for you

Along with a good pair of trainers, decent headphones are an essential part of your running kit  


Blotchy, spotty, flaky skin? 5 ways to pandemic-proof your skin

Do you have lockdown face? From avoiding hot showers to beating maskne, experts share their golden skincare rules

Health & Fitness

The Mayr Method explained: What is Rebel Wilson’s diet?

Rebel Wilson shed over four stone last year. Rosie Fitzmaurice investigates how she did it and how she plans to keep the weight off

Wellness ‘I transformed my life: now I just crave juice’

The musician-turned-entrepreneur talks to Rosie Fitzmaurice about anxiety around the new Covid variants and how it’s affecting his sleep patterns  


7 new alternative engagement ring trends to try in 2021

From chunky 'gypsy' rings to salt and pepper diamonds, the shapes and stones to know for the year ahead

The Escapist

A day in the life of Super Bowl champion Tom Brady

He’s the ageless Adonis who won the Super Bowl at the record age of 43. Rosie Fitzmaurice has a guide to living like Tom


Professor Green: ‘People in full time jobs are relying on food banks’

In the latest episode of The Lockdown Sessions — our weekly video series debating the topics you care about — Evening Standard chief restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa speaks to Professor Green about mental health, being social media aware and why he's switched off from the news

The Escapist

Dr Xand van Tulleken on how the pandemic is damaging our health

Lockdown has exacerbated the UK's loneliness problem, but the host of new podcast Made of Stronger Stuff has some tips to help limit the damage


From sofa to safari: the rise of virtual travel

Summer holidays are off - but VR travel will set you free. From exploring Machu Picchu to going elephant spotting. Rosie Fitzmaurice has a virtual itinerary


10 best UK wellness retreats for a 2021 reboot

From wild camping to woodland foraging, this is the year to indulge in a soul-nourishing outdoorsy retreat (when we’re allowed)


Is a Bojo-approved power nap the answer to your lockdown burnout?

A sleep expert shares how to nail a “power executive business nap” à la PM


Home healing: holistic methods to help ease stress and anxiety

Adrenaline at an all-time high? From DIY reiki to daily journalling, learn the art of self-healing

Health & Fitness

The fitness trackers to know in 2021

From blood oxygen levels testing to stress scanning, wearables have come along way


And breathe! Your ultimate virtual wellness directory

From online yoga retreats to at-home hypnotherapy — Rosie Fitzmaurice presents a guru’s guide to self-care