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Samuel Fishwick

Samuel Fishwick is a staff writer at the Evening Standard. He covers the weird and wonderful within the M25. His work includes a series during the coronavirus pandemic exploring London after lockdown and regular contributions to the Evening Standard’s comment pages as a columnist. He was born in London, and has been there ever since.


How will the arrival of GB News change Britain?

It’s the biggest news channel to arrive in Britain since Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV in 1989. But while the pandemic has delayed the launch of GB News, it’s already causing controversy: to the extent that its detractors are trying to stop it before it’s even started. Samuel Fishwick investigates


How the Sussexes will build their Megha-brand

The Sussexes’ shock announcement last year made headlines around the world — and now the couple have confirmed they’re not coming back. Ahead of their tell-all interview with Oprah, Samuel Fishwick and Katie Strick ask how Meghan and Harry will continue to go it alone

Celebrity homes

Sauna pods to AI butlers – how London’s super-rich updated their homes

From dog-grooming rooms to garden sauna pods, here’s how the Have-Yachts have been updating their homes for lockdown


The cool lender getting Gen Z hooked on debt

Klarna is the zeitgeist payments start-up with a fluffy pink image that has boomed during lockdown - its valued has now tripled in six months to $31 billion. But its success has sparked fears over easy credit and young spenders spiralling into debt, says Samuel Fishwick


Kingsley Ben-Adir: I couldn’t get a job on the telly in Britain

Kingsley Ben-Adir’s portrayal of Malcolm X in One Night In Miami has had the critics raving — and the Oscars buzz is growing increasingly louder. Not too shabby for a boy from Kentish Town. Samuel Fishwick meets Hollywood’s new favourite Brit


Why Hollywood’s finest are queuing up to work with Nabhaan Rizwan

The actor talks to Samuel Fishwick about crashing bikes, his huge new role in Industry and why rap should be compared ‘with Botticelli’


Nathan Law: ‘The Hong Kong we knew has gone’

Imprisoned, assaulted, forced to leave his home and family — now millennial activist Nathan Law has taken refuge in London. Here, he tells Samuel Fishwick about his grave fears for his life

London Life

A day in the life of a TikTok influencer

Six Gen Z-ers are locked away in a mansion making content for millions of fans. Samuel Fishwick joins them


TfL commissioner: We need to make people feel safe on public transport

Signing Andy Byford, the man who transformed the New York subway, was a coup for TfL. With passengers staying away he’s got a hell of a job — but, as he tells Samuel Fishwick, he’s up to it

London Life

What’s all this about Covid-secure sex?

A sexual health charity has dished out fresh new guidance on sex during coronavirus


How fears over privacy and security are threatening the rise of TikTok

It’s the social media site that’s adored by Gen Z — but fears over privacy and surveillance by China are rising. Samuel Fishwick investigates


Bears About The House is a conservation show with real bite

Forget Tiger King: this is a reminder of what real conservation looks like



Boohoo: Is the party over for fast fashion's first family?

Yachts, mega-mansions and a billionaire lifestyle. But after this week’s allegations about Boohoo, Samuel Fishwick and Katie Strick ask people, is it all over for the super-rich fashion dynasty?


Annabel Scholey: The Salisbury Poisonings drama can give us hope

The star of the BBC's new three-part dramatisation says the resilience of its victims can inspire us through the pandemic 

London Life

London vs countryside? Gen Ys on lockdown in and out of the capital

Locked down in London or chilling at casa del parents?  Katie Strick and Samuel Fishwick state their case