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Simon English

Simon English is the Senior City Correspondent at the Evening Standard. He has been writing about business and the City for more than 20 years. He is a former City Editor of The Sun and former Wall Street Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. 


80 year old billionaires put Renishaw up for sale

“Throw back” engineer valued at towards £5 billion


How big is Britain’s national debt and should Rishi Sunak pay it off?

The National Debt, why it isn’t like a credit card, ahead of this week’s Budget


Budget 2021: What UK plc wants from Rishi Sunak’s first full Budget

From tanning salons and shops to tour operators, restaurants and nightclubs, almost every industry is crying out for support


Energy prices to rocket even as customers battle Covid

Electricity and gas price rises: your questions answered


The best and worst US Presidents since 1949 (according to Wall Street)

From Truman to Trump, how Wall Street has fared under Democrats and Republicans 

Leisure & Retail

How to invest in whisky: expert tips from a master vinter

If you think the best performing alternative luxury asset of the decade is property, or even diamonds, think again.  It’s whisky, and the market has been booming for the last 10 years.


How stock markets could be affected by Joe Biden’s presidency

What are investors most worried about, most hoping for from the new President?