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Stephen King

Stephen King is HSBC’s Senior Economic Adviser and author of Grave New World (Yale)


Infection rates are rising in the West but not the East

Is there a trade-off between individual freedoms and collective wellbeing?  


Chernobyl shows how blind conviction causes a meltdown in politics

Labour’s leadership has tried to fool us into believing the party does not have a serious problem with anti-Semitism


Vote-hungry politicians are bewitched by the spendthrift’s siren song

The claim that the economy can be virtually transformed overnight through public spending is implausible


Election hijacked by Brexit risks hacking off voters — and the world

Taking back control is rather tricky when the world is in danger of spiralling out of control


We don’t need genius of Biff to tell us stormy economic times beckon

The UK’s own Brexit uncertainties are merely the icing on an increasingly unappetising cake


We’ve lost the secret recipe for productivity

In the 11 years since the global financial crisis, output per hour has risen by a dismal 0.2 per cent a year


MPs’ brains have been scrambled in hunt for the right Brexit recipe

Our MPs have shown they can easily form a majority to vote down the poachers, the fryers and the boilers