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Susannah Butter

Susannah Butter is a senior editor and features writer at the Evening Standard


Dawn Butler: Black politicians are judged more harshly, that’s a fact

The MP for Brent Central tells Susannah Butter why stop and search is counter-productive and is calling on the Met chief to act


National Trust boss Hilary McGrady on why we can’t hide our history

As the charity is targeted in the culture wars, its director general Hilary McGrady says she won’t be daunted in her mission to tell stories, making them relevant and accessible while restoring nature - starting with a baby beaver called Rashford


July 19 Freedom Day! Are you ready to see your friends again?

Splitting the bill, logistics about where you meet and the return of boring plus ones — hell is other people. This is your survival guide


Could London ever turn Lib Dem?

Don’t laugh, says Susannah Butter, the forgotten party is back in business — and the future might just be yellow


The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller review

A small screen adaptation surely awaits for this steamy Cape Cod saga, written by a former HBO exec


Unicorn pool floats and sheer decency: Why we love the England team

They are socially conscious, talented and they celebrate by playing in the pool - here is to a new generation of England stars who did their country proud


Lisa Taddeo: Women are taught not to be angry and it’s toxic

Three Women catapulted her to stardom and put sexual politics on the agenda. Now, author Lisa Taddeo is back and more controversial than ever

The Reveller

Mask wars: is personal responsibility the right path to take?

As we learn more about ‘freedom day’, what are the implications of the government’s call for ‘personal responsibility’?

London Life

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on her #MeToo moment at age 17

Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie isn’t afraid of controversy. She tells Susannah Butter about her experience of assault and why the Windrush scandal is ‘immoral’


Why I miss wedding dancing

Dancing at weddings is ‘not recommended’ according to the new rules. What kind of fresh hell is this? It’s the best part, says Susannah Butter


Andrew Neil: GB News, my war on woke and the problem with Piers Morgan

As he prepares to launch the controversial channel GB News, its chairman Andrew Neil talks Piers Morgan, cancel culture, BBC salaries and getting out of your comfort zone


Lupin Part 2 review: Compelling, pacy and enjoyably silly

Omar Sy’s gentleman thief is back for round two - and this series is as much fun as ever

The Escapist

Why Carbis Bay is a great choice for Biden and the G7 Summit

President Biden’s first trip abroad will be to a tiny Cornish enclave, which has been chosen to host June’s G7 summit. Here is what he can expect


Ed Miliband: My wife’s career took off when mine went down the Swanee

The former Labour leader has learned to ride a bike in lockdown and is spreading a new vision of hope with his book Go Big. He talks Keir Starmer, cold water swimming and why he couldn’t leave politics even though his rivals from 2015 have all gone


Meet the variant hunters on the frontline

How do you keep up with a rapidly evolving virus? As uncertainty swirls around 21 June, Susannah Butter speaks to the scientists


Friends Reunion: The one where they look back (and make lots of money)

It was self-congratulatory and skirted any controversy but it was heartwarming to see how much the show meant to so many


Rio Ferdinand: ‘Why I am fighting to save football from online abuse’

The former Manchester United star on how we can beat trolls and England’s chances in the Euros

The Escapist

I’m going on holiday — don’t judge

We’re allowed to go abroad, but should we? It’s a moral maze, says Susannah Butter


Who is the sexy French duke in The Pursuit of Love?

Sunday nights are steaming up thanks to the Duc de Sauveterre


Thomas Heatherwick: Politicians don’t have confidence to take risks

High streets must be the theatre of our lives but Thomas Heatherwick — currently designing Google’s HQ and an eco-car — warns London is in danger of losing its way


The return of hugging? I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready

Hugging is allowed again! But is that a good thing? Susannah Butter laments the return of awkward embraces


Six questions we have about Mare of Easttown

Will she end up with the hot writer and why did she delete the old couples’ CCTV? We have questions...


Why is Boris Johnson so broke?

As the cost of Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment comes under scrutiny - why can’t he afford to pay for it?


Real Estate by Deborah Levy review

The third and final part of the novelist’s ‘living biography’ is a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking snapshot of a life, says Susannah Butter


Livia Firth: ‘How do fast fashion bosses sleep at night?’

After a busy lockdown at home in London, the Queen of Green is calling for radical change in the fashion industry and campaigning for a ‘groundbreaking’ living wage for all garment workers


Instagram activism won’t stop racism, we need to talk about class

After a year of marches and black squares on Instagram, Don’t Touch My Hair author Emma Dabiri felt nothing had changed. It’s because we’re approaching racism from the wrong angle, she tells Susannah Butter


Our favourite fiction reads in lockdown: the books that kept us going

Sales of fiction soared during the pandemic as we sought refuge from our own surreal reality. Evening Standard writers on the stories they couldn’t get enough of...


John Lewis nightmare? The PM will come to regret that comment

In dismissing Theresa May’s interior design tastes as a ‘John Lewis nightmare’, the PM risks offending key voters


The breakdancing ex-drug addict who’s trying to become Mayor of London

He made a fortune on Wall Street — now the controversial broadcaster Brian Rose is throwing everything at taking on Sadiq Khan. Susannah Butter asks him why


Promising Young Woman: The film that’s dividing feminists

Groundbreaking, cynical — or both? Promising Young Woman will polarise

Events and Things To Do

Covid Lockdown easing: London is open! Our big night out on the town

From dining out to an IRL shopping recce, getting a trim and a return to the gym, life is back. Our writers report