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Susannah Butter

Susannah Butter is a senior editor and features writer at the Evening Standard


How Dolly Parton turned getting her vaccine into a viral moment

With a song and plenty of style, Dolly Parton has got the vaccine she helped to fund. It’s typical Dolly - here is why we love her


Your Honor: Gripping legal drama lingers long after the credits roll

Bryan Cranston has real presence in this twist-laden series


Anthony Joshua on taking on Tyson Fury: ‘I am the star of the show’

Even a long-mooted £100m fight on the horizon can’t faze Anthony Joshua, his dedication stretching beyond boxing into everything he does in his life. He talks to Susannah Butter about hopes for his legacy


Covid, women and the ‘shecession’: a new battle for equality

Childcare, lost earnings and a tidal wave of job losses — Covid has disproportionately affected women. Susannah Butter reports on the new battle for equality, and what must be done


Mark Rylance on the future of theatre, family and saving the planet

The actor speaks about how the pandemic is an opportunity to spend time with family and think about our impact on the planet

The Escapist

Greece is the word: a Greek travel corridor is the happy news we need

Our writers on why they will be heading to the Mediterranean hotspot as soon as they can


Why I am fighting to change the way we handle rape

Emily Hunt is channelling her own experience of the justice system into her new role advising the Government

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CEO of easyJet on summer holidays and the future of travel

In the latest episode of The Lockdown Sessions — our weekly video series debating the topics you care about —Johan Lundgren tells Evening Standard senior editor Susannah Butter about the prospects for your summer holiday and sticking to his plan to make flying green


Muddy tunnels, posh cheese and chocolate - the world of HS2 protestors

Tunnelling under London, eco-activists are taking a stand, complete with muddy sleeping bags, games of Uno and lots of posh cheese. But what do they want and who are they?


Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day by Captain Tom Moore: upbeat and engaging

Captain Tom Moore caught the public imagination at a time when the world was in dire need of positive news, says Susannah Butter


CEO of easyJet: ‘Flying won’t be back to normal until at least 2023’

Johan Lundgren talks about quarantine, why we need cheaper testing to ensure flying doesn’t become something only the rich can afford and sticking to his green goals for the airline - because we will fly again and the next holiday most of us take will be our best ever


Katie Price: ‘I want to change perceptions of me’

As a heartbreaking documentary about her disabled son Harvey airs, Katie Price tells Susannah Butter about using her platform to raise awareness of the struggle parents of disabled kids face, wanting another baby and her view of the influencers breaking lockdown

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Why Carbis Bay is a great choice for Biden and the G7 Summit

President Biden’s first trip abroad will be to a tiny Cornish enclave, which has been chosen to host June’s G7 summit. Here is what he can expect


Luster by Raven Leilani review: disarming and funny

There is already a lot of hype around debut novelist Raven Leilani’s book about a young African American woman who has no filter - and it is richly deserved


Fashion designers are making scrubs for the NHS in its hour of need

The Emergency Designer Network has come to the rescue of hospital workers facing a shortage of scrubs


Free school meals: ‘We need to stop shaming families’

The free school meal packages handed out by the government are an insult. No one should be profiting from poverty


Sex and the City should have stayed in the past

It is a bold move to resuscitate a show about shopping and shagging - and yet, I can’t help but wonder…

London Life

Kay Burley: 'I’ll never say no to more plastic surgery'

Sky News superstar interviewer Kay Burley talks to Susannah Butter about flirting with Matt Hancock (‘I didn’t!’) turning 60 and beating Covid


How Covid is pushing our hospitals to the limit

As Covid rips through London, staff at Barts Health Trust are stretched to the absolute limit. They talk about the struggle to provide the best care in an impossible situation


Who is Allegra Stratton: the new voice of Number 10?

As the Government’s first-ever West Wing-style press secretary, Allegra Stratton will be giving a female spin to the boys’ club — but what price will she pay? 


Nick Ferrari on keeping tabs on his friend Boris Johnson

Whether it’s vaccinations, U-turns on schools or Scotch eggs, Nick Ferrari tirelessly keeps the government on its toes. The LBC firebrand tells Susannah Butter about the PM misbehaving on his show and what he has in common with Keir Starmer


Bret Easton Ellis: ‘Being cancelled is a badge of honour’

Outspoken as ever, Bret Easton Ellis talks to Susannah Butter about why millennials are ‘wiped out’ after the  US election, the JK Rowling trans row… and his nights in watching The Crown

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Joe Wicks: I can’t do PE with Joe forever - I’m tired

He’s back for lockdown but Joe Wicks is feeling the pressure of fame this time round


Boys, bears and bacchanals: Sorting fact from fiction in The Great

The Great is a riotous vision of the Russian court. Susannah Butter unpicks the facts


Andy Burnham on London pubs, that text and the biggest Covid mistake

He’s held the government to account on Covid, showing the might of the Mayors and becoming an unlikely sex symbol. Andy Burnham tells Susannah Butter how he didn’t actually see that text, that London pubs are the best and why we need a devolution revolution


What’s fuelling the Labour Party’s civil war?

For a moment, the Starmer age felt like it  would be one of post-Corbyn calm — but soon the seemingly daily stories of infighting and chaos arrived


Why BBC drama Industry is blazing a trail for sex on screen

Risky texts, full-frontal nudity and absolutely no shame — BBC drama Industry shows sex in the City as you have never seen it before. Susannah Butter says it is blazing a trail for women


Drake, we do not need any more celebrity concept scented candles

We’ve only just recovered from Gwynnie’s vagina candle, now we can smell Drake - celebrity candles must be extinguished