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Susannah Butter

Susannah Butter is a senior editor and features writer at the Evening Standard


Why is Boris Johnson so broke?

As the cost of Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment comes under scrutiny - why can’t he afford to pay for it?


Real Estate by Deborah Levy review

The third and final part of the novelist’s ‘living biography’ is a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking snapshot of a life, says Susannah Butter


The return of hugging? I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready

Hugging isn’t officially allowed yet, but that’s not stopping some people. Susannah Butter laments the return of awkward embraces


What’s next for Labour and Keir Starmer after Hartlepool?

After a disastrous byelection result, will a reshuffle solve Keir Starmer’s problem or does it go deeper? Can the party rally or does it have to make some fundamental changes?


Andy Burnham on London pubs, that text and the biggest Covid mistake

He’s held the government to account on Covid, showing the might of the Mayors and becoming an unlikely sex symbol. Andy Burnham tells Susannah Butter how he didn’t actually see that text, that London pubs are the best and why we need a devolution revolution


Dolly Wells: The Pursuit of Love is about women making their mark

There’s a lot to relate to in the BBC’s adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s novel, says Dolly Wells, who based her role Aunt Sadie on her mother


Livia Firth: ‘How do fast fashion bosses sleep at night?’

After a busy lockdown at home in London, the Queen of Green is calling for radical change in the fashion industry and campaigning for a ‘groundbreaking’ living wage for all garment workers


The Mauritanian star Tahar Rahim: ‘I asked to get waterboarded’

The actor talks to Susie Butter about his new film, based on Guantanamo detainee Mohamedou Ould Salahi’s memoir


Conrad Khan on his BAFTA nomination and joining Peaky Blinders

With a role in Peaky Blinders and a Bafta nomination for County Lines, Conrad Khan tells Susannah Butter about the film that changed his life


Tobias Menzies: The Crown’s Prince Philip on a right royal drama

As the fourth series of The Crown divides the nation, Tobias Menzies talks about playing Prince Philip, equal pay and Margaret Thatcher


The restaurants we can’t wait to return to

After far too long locked up, the Standard’s writers are practically drooling at the thought of getting back out on the town


Lost cats! Epic snitching! How we became hooked on Nextdoor

As the friendly antidote to Facebook booms, what’s behind its success? We report on the network’s ‘slow growth ethos’ and how it isn’t all nagging — it’s led to love


Trans novelist Torrey Peters: ‘I have a lot of empathy for JK Rowling’

As she becomes the first trans woman nominated for the Women’s Prize for Fiction, Torrey Peters tells Susannah Butter her story


Naomi Ishiguro on friendship, tolerance and her dad winning the Nobel

As her novel Common Ground comes out, the author tells Susannah Butter why we need more strong female characters in fiction, how she critiques her father’s writing and her inspiration for writing a novel about friendship


8 post-lockdown exhibitions to book now

From David Hockney at the Royal Academy to the anniversary of Thomas Becket’s murder at the British Museum, Susannah Butter rounds up the hottest tickets in town


‘It defies logic we can’t open when shops do,’ Royal Academy boss says

The Royal Academy’s boss Axel Rüger talks about a year of struggle, optimism for the future and why he will never sell the gallery’s Michelangelo


Boris ‘laser-like focused’ on Tory mayoral campaign, says Shaun Bailey

Council tax cuts and ‘Festival of London’ if Conservative challenger wins City Hall race


‘There’s never been a more important time to change culture’

On Saturday, MP Stella Creasy protested about the treatment of women. She talks about why misogyny should be a hate crime and our broken bond with the police


Sophie Linden: ‘This is not ok. We must stop abuse of women and girls’

As women speak up about violence, Susannah Butter asks Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Sophie Linden if she is doing enough to make the city a safer place


How Dolly Parton turned getting her vaccine into a viral moment

With a song and plenty of style, Dolly Parton has got the vaccine she helped to fund. It’s typical Dolly - here is why we love her


Anthony Joshua on taking on Tyson Fury: ‘I am the star of the show’

Even a long-mooted £100m fight on the horizon can’t faze Anthony Joshua, his dedication stretching beyond boxing into everything he does in his life. He talks to Susannah Butter about hopes for his legacy


Covid, women and the ‘shecession’: a new battle for equality

Childcare, lost earnings and a tidal wave of job losses — Covid has disproportionately affected women. Susannah Butter reports on the new battle for equality, and what must be done


Mark Rylance on the future of theatre, family and saving the planet

The actor speaks about how the pandemic is an opportunity to spend time with family and think about our impact on the planet

The Escapist

Greece is the word: a Greek travel corridor is the happy news we need

Our writers on why they will be heading to the Mediterranean hotspot as soon as they can


Why I am fighting to change the way we handle rape

Emily Hunt is channelling her own experience of the justice system into her new role advising the Government

The Escapist

CEO of easyJet on summer holidays and the future of travel

In the latest episode of The Lockdown Sessions — our weekly video series debating the topics you care about —Johan Lundgren tells Evening Standard senior editor Susannah Butter about the prospects for your summer holiday and sticking to his plan to make flying green


Muddy tunnels, posh cheese and chocolate - the world of HS2 protestors

Tunnelling under London, eco-activists are taking a stand, complete with muddy sleeping bags, games of Uno and lots of posh cheese. But what do they want and who are they?