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Evening Standard Comment:Novak Djokovic saga is a cautionary tale for the unvaccinated

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14 January 2022

o side will emerge from the Novak Djokovic/Australian Open brouhaha with their reputation enhanced.

The latest development is that the world tennis number one has had his visa cancelled and, subject to a last-minute legal challenge, will be deported from the country.

Djokovic is the author of his own misery. Had he been vaccinated, like 97 per cent of his fellow members of the top 100, he could have entered the country without a problem and most likely have won his tenth title. Instead, he is again fighting with the authorities.

There is little space for exceptionalism when it comes to Covid. The Djokovic saga is a cautionary tale for anyone hoping to live a consequence-free life while choosing to remain unvaccinated.