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12 profiles to follow on TikTok this LGBTQ+ History Month

Discover hilarious content, educational videos and new perspectives to commemorate the occasion

22 February 2021

earning new things, discovering a range of different perspectives and expressing unbridled creativity are the very things at TikTok’s core – and continue to make the video-sharing platform a global phenomenon. It is these principles that are at the heart of TikTok’s celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month throughout February.

To commemorate the important occasion, TikTok has partnered with Stonewall – Europe’s largest LGBTQ+ rights organisation – for a host of activity that will run throughout the year.

Thanks to the platform’s diverse and inclusive communities, you’ll find a wealth of innovative and inspirational creators making a difference.

Here, we meet 13 LGBTQ+ people trailblazing on TikTok…

Not only does Jessica create informative #queer101 videos to educate her viewers on a range of important LGBTQ+ topics, but she also spreads awareness about disability and chronic illness – all done in striking vintage get-up.

“As someone who didn’t grow up ever learning about LGBTQ+ topics in school at all, it means a lot to me that now we – as a society – are moving towards being able to celebrate the amazing people who paved the way for us to live freely.”


From discussing important issues to showcasing her glam looks, Yaz’s TikTok profile is an unapologetic celebration of her black, trans identity.

“When I was growing up, I never really had anyone to look up to who was black and trans, and so I knew that I wanted to be that girl other little kids like me could look up too – and I love that TikTok gives me a platform to do just that and more.”

Whether she’s dispelling the harmful aspects of diet culture or sharing her recovery journey, Iona makes inspiring and creative content about mental health that considers a diverse range of perspectives.


looking after and healing ourselves also heals our communities. we can create a more loving world from the ground up💖 ##radicalselflove ##selfcare

♬ Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector - your worst nightmare

“I love the sense of community on TikTok, particularly when it comes to spaces focused on mental health and recovery. I see people offering each other encouragement and support every day, and it’s incredibly heart-warming.”

/ @riyadhkhalaf

Author and broadcaster Riyadh Khalaf uses his TikTok platform to create fun and informative videos that tap into significant LGBTQ+ topics.

“Having grown up being taught history that omits the very existence of queer people, LGBTQ+ history month makes up for that. Our legacy, achievements, triumphs and struggles must be remembered and shared not only as a sign of respect to those who fought before us, but to ensure that we learn from queer history and prevent a relapse back into a time of intolerance, hate and fear.”

Witty social commentary and hilarious videos make Gay Times CEO Tag Warner a must-follow on TikTok.

“Being a TikTok creator allows me to be expressive in a way I never have before. The world is truly your stage on TikTok, and the sense of built community amongst LGBTQ+ folks means I always feel connected to people like me.”


Science teacher and personal trainer Claire uses her TikTok to share her own experiences, shed light on harmful stereotypes and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community – all with her signature carefree humour.

“I love being a TikTok creator. Lesbians have been invisible in society for years. Even today in 2021, there are few famous lesbians that the younger generation can identify with in a positive way. As a lesbian mum, I feel it is part of my role to make lesbians visible and promote positivity.”

Travel publishers Yaya and Lloyd share gorgeous locations, travel tips and all-round lifestyle inspo on their stunning TikTok profile.


How to make it look like you have places all to yourself on your travels! (Or at home) 😁😁😁😁 ##LearnOnTikTok ##Travel ##Photography ##PhotoHack ##Viaje

♬ drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo

“For us, TikTok has given us the freedom to tell our own story in the most natural way possible. It’s given us the opportunity to connect with other like-minded travellers and find our community. We love it.”


Follow Shaz’s TikTok for fun, creative videos while celebrating her queer, Muslim identity.

“My favourite thing about being a TikTok creator is being able to build a safe space for people where they can feel comfortable enough to express themselves without pressure from different cultures and religions. My content is surrounded around being a proud queer Muslim and by bringing that representation I strive to inspire others to stand up for themselves”

Alongside sharing their experience with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Eliza spreads important information and starts important conversations about the importance of disability awareness and support in society and LGBTQ+ issues.

“TikTok is a great space to be able to educate in a simple way. We can give small chunks of information out at a time and so maybe next time they meet an LGBTQ+ person they may remember an educational TikTok and remember what pronouns are, or some things to avoid saying... This can avoid awkward situations occurring in the future and allows us to teach about our community.”


Illustrator, designer, writer and queer community organiser Wednesday Holmes shares striking and joyful animations with important mental health messaging.

“Over the past few months, I've loved making joyful animations to impact users’ mental health in a positive way. I see it as a small way to make people smile in a frequently challenging world. TikTok has allowed me to connect with millions of people who have needed to see what I make.”

You’ll find impressive transitions, lol-worthy content and creative interpretations of audio trends on Reallé’s popular TikTok page.

"Being a TikTok creator allows me to be expressive in a way I never have before. The world is truly your stage on TikTok, and the sense of built community amongst LGBTQ+ folks means I always feel connected to people like me."


Tackling the often different experiences he has gone through, Xander’s upbeat TikTok addresses homophobia, parenting as a gay dad and more.

“Being a TikTok creator allows me to be expressive in a way I never have before. The world is truly your stage on TikTok, and the sense of built community amongst LGBTQ+ folks means I always feel connected to people like me.”

Follow @Stonewalluk on TikTok to find out more.

You can also join the conversation by getting involved in a series of hashtags, such as...

#MyIcon – Who is your historic LGBTQ+ icon?

#LGBTQHistory – What’s a moment in LGBTQ+ history that you didn’t learn in school?

#IAmThe – How do you identify within LGBTQ+ communities and what does it mean to be LGBTQ+?