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New on Amazon Prime in April: From horror anthology Them to Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal

Our guide to what’s new this month, including a spooky series, Bafta-nominated films and a silly rom-com

<p>Set in 1950s American suburbia, Them tells the story of a black family moving into an all-white neighbourhood</p>

Set in 1950s American suburbia, Them tells the story of a black family moving into an all-white neighbourhood

/ Amazon Prime

un out of things to watch? Probably. Good news, then, that there’s a whole hoard of interesting new telly and film arriving on Amazon Prime this month.

From addictive true crime to award-nominated films, here’s the best of what’s arriving on the streaming platform this month...



This new supernatural anthology series is giving us major Get Out vibes and we love it. Set in 1950s suburbia, it tells the story of what happens when a black family move into an all-white neighbourhood in Los Angeles and things get creepy fast. The fact that it’s been executive-produced by Lena Waithe, who directed Queen & Slim and produced Netflix gem The 40-Year Old Version, puts it even higher on our to-watch list. April 9


Poldark? I don’t know him

/ Amazon Prime Video

This new eight-part drama about Leonardo da Vinci, with Poldark star Aidan Turner playing the titular role, has been slagged off by historians as ‘the Monty Python version of the Renaissance’. The story is based around Da Vinci being arrested for murdering his muse Caterina de Cremona (played by Matilda De Angelis AKA Elena Alves from The Undoing), despite there being little evidence that any of that ever happened. Regardless of historical accuracy, we’ve never seen Turner’s hair looking so tousled. April 16

We Children From Bahnhof Zoo

We Children From Bahnhof Zoo is set in the underground clubs of Berlin

/ Amazon Prime Video

The memoirs of cult German figure Christiane F, charting her teenage drug use, had a huge impact when they were published in 1978, and were subsequently turned into a film (with a David Bowie cameo to boot). Now they’ve been reimagined for a new series that’s been snapped up by Amazon. With the action moved to the present day, it burrows into the underground club scene of Berlin to tell the coming-of-age story of Christiane and her friends. April 9

Love Fraud

Online dating is no longer regarded as the realm of the suspicious and dodgy, so here’s a true-crime documentary to ruin its reputation all over again. This four-part series is about serial con-man Richard Scott Smith, who spent 20 years charming women on the internet and then stealing all of their money. Expect twists and turns, as the women that he tricked come together to seek revenge. Quick, swipe left! April 30


The Mauritanian

Tahar Rahim gives an incredible performance as Mohamedou Ould Slahi

/ STXfilms

After so brilliantly playing a creepy serial killer in BBC One’s The Serpent, Tahar Rahim is on a roll. He’s rightly been Bafta-nominated for his incredible performance here as Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who endured 14 years as a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, despite receiving no charges. Also starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Shailene Woodley, our critic Charlotte O’Sullivan described the film as ‘a gruelling true-life story of incarceration and torture made eminently watchable’ by Rahim’s performance. April 1

Sound of Metal

Riz Ahmed is Oscar-nominated for Sound of Metal

/ Amazon Prime Video

Another must-watch, Bafta-nominated performance, this time from Riz Ahmed. The Londoner is also up for an Oscar for playing a heavy metal drummer whose life is turned upside down when he starts to lose his hearing. For the role, Ahmed learned sign language, how to play the drums, and wore implants in his ears that emitted white noise. It all builds up to create a powerful portrait of what it’s like to lose your hearing. April 12

The Dissident

Film-maker Bryan Fogel won an Oscar in 2017 for Icarus, his investigation into doping in Russian sport. Expect his latest documentary to be just as fearless, looking into the circumstances behind the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia. April 1

Palm Springs

Hurrah, a silly rom-com! Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti play two strangers who meet at a wedding but get stuck in a time loop and have to live the same day repeatedly. The Groundhog Day-esque film broke records at Sundance Festival after it was snapped up for $17.5m, the highest acquisition deal in the festival’s history. April 9

Steelers: The World’s First Gay Rugby Club

The King’s Cross Steelers are the world’s first gay rugby club

/ Amazon Prime Video

Rugby player Eammon Ashton-Atkinson ended up making this documentary accidentally - he only started filming his team when a concussion ruled him out of playing. But his subsequent film about the King’s Cross Steelers - AKA the world’s first gay rugby club - has been described as a moving and timely study of identity, sport and masculinity. April 16

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

Michael B. Jordan plays a man with a lot to get done

/ Nadja Klier/Amazon Studios

Michael B. Jordan plays US Navy SEAL John Clark in this spin-off from Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. Also starring Jodie Turner-Smith and Jamie Bell, its planned cinematic release was scuppered by the pandemic, so now you’ll be able to watch it at home. The plot revolves around Clark’s quest to avenge the death of his pregnant wife and avoid igniting a world war between Russia and the United States. And you thought your to-do list was getting excessive. April 30