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Who is David Birtwistle? The lowdown on the Too Hot To Handle star

David used to play semi-professional rugby

20 April 2020

avid Birtwistle is looking for love on Netflix's not hew dating show Too Hot To Handle.

As one of 10 singletons on the programme, London-based David is in line to win the $100,000 prize money - but there is a catch.

Like all the other contestants, he must refrain from any physical contact with his potential love interests - including kissing - if he is to bag the entire pot.

Here's all you need to know about the Too Hot To Handle contestant...

Who is David Birtwistle and how old is he?

David is a 28-year-old with a packed CV - he was a former semi-professional rugby player at Wasps rugby club before he went on to study Strength and Conditioning at St Mary's University in London.

He has a number of different sports qualifications to his name and as a fitness and nutrition coach claims to have a "range of clients all over the world."

A founder of coaching company Endeavour Life, he is also an ambassador for Nike Training and described as being "both the brawn and the brains," motorcycle-riding David "prides himself on his cool exterior."

His ex-girlfriend is engaged to Hugh Hefner's son, so is he on the show to get over his ex? And will he learn to truly connect with the girls in the retreat?

Is David Birtwistle on Instagram?

Along with the now ubiquitous topless shots, his profile is littered with marketing promos and fitness videos for his business.

A handy account to follow if you're on the lookout for another Joe Wicks, he also posts a number of different workouts online.

Aside from that, he's a keen traveller with trips to the Bahamas and Bali under his belt.

What is Too Hot To Handle about?

A cross between Love Island and Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle places singletons from around the world together in a luxury resort to find love.

However, where this show differs is that the contestants can't get physical - so no kissing or sexual activity whatsoever.

Each breach of the rules mean a deduction from the $100,000 prize pot.​

Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now