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What is Matthew Smith doing now and why did he quit Too Hot To Handle?

The handsome reality TV star made a shock exit from the show

21 April 2020

atthew Smith caused a stir on new Netflix sensation Too Hot To Handle, thanks to his long locks and dashingly good looks.

Imaginatively dubbed "Jesus" by his fellow resort mates, Matthew sadly didn't last long on the show.

However, the 29-year-old - who was no stranger to reality TV before he appeared on THTH - has kept a pretty full diary since leaving the show and has used the intervening time to further his career.

Here's why Matthew Smith left Too Hot To Handle, and what he's been up to since it stopped filming in April last year.

Why did Matthew Smith leave Too Hot To Handle?

Unlike most of the other contestants on the show, Matthew struggled to form any sort of connection with anyone of the opposite sex, and left of his own accord.

Despite getting close to Madison, he soon realised that there actually was not much connection between them and left the show shortly afterwards.

According to Elle, he reckoned that "he'd learned enough from the process", much to the disappointment of his fellow contestants.

What is Matthew Smith doing now?

In quite an incredible twist of fate, true to form Matthew actually did play Jesus Christ in a short film called The Christening, not long after leaving Too Hot To Handle.

And thanks to his long hair and beard, Matthew does a pretty passable impression of Our Lord and Saviour in the 4-minute short.

You can check it out below.

Aside from playing the Son of God, Matthew has also maintained a modelling career and has been using his Instagram profile to post a number of moody photos and not-posed-at-all modelling shots.

He also runs a company called Dream Katchers Enterprise, which appears to specialise in event planning and content creation.

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix now