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Cody Rigsby: Meet the man who makes Rishi Sunak sweat

He’s the Peloton star who has Sunak in a spin - but what is his secret? Katie Strick gets in the saddle with the Britney-loving instructor

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Why do weight loss fixes have to be so cruel?

A new weight-loss tool uses magnets to clamp teeth shut and prevent overeating - is this a step too far for diet culture?

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6am Peloton and Britney Spears: Rishi Sunak’s morning routine revealed

The Chancellor claims his workout schedule has been “destroyed by this job’, but how does he stack up to other politicians?


Meet the man who founded Peloton - and made millions

The exercise bike inventor John Foley tells Susannah Butter about having a great pandemic, taking on London's gyms and making sure he doesn't break his son's heart


On yer bike: best cycling holidays in the UK

For real escapism, get on your bike and feel the wind in your hair. Katie Strick maps your route

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What’s SUP? A guide to paddleboarding in London

As doctors confirm the health benefits of paddleboarding, Katie Strick takes to the water

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‘Lockdown has enabled eating disorders, we need absolute change now’

Trevor Phillips’ daughter Sushila and Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame have died after battles with anorexia. The pandemic has caused four times the amount of people admitted to hospital for eating disorders and specialist clinics have two-year waiting lists, so what can be done?


A Cure for Darkness by Alex Riley: How I live with mental illness

Lobotomies, electroshock therapy and crippling medication are just some of the treatments that have been used to treat depression in the past. Science writer and sufferer, Alex Riley decided to write a book about the history and treatment of depression, partly to help heal himself, he tells Katie Law

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3D yoga mats: how sensory cues can boost your practice

A high-tech assistant to take your warrior pose to the next level

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Your little black book of the best personal trainers in London

They've sculpted and toned the bodies of models and moguls, now it's your turn, says Rosie Fitzmaurice


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6 expert tips for how to become a morning person

An expert explains how you can train yourself to be a morning person


World Sleep Day: meet Matthew Walker, the man of your dreams

It’s World Sleep Day today and as lockdown lack of sleep continues to be one of the nation’s biggest battles, neuroscientist and author of Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker shares his top tips with Katie Law for how to get a better night’s kip


Peloton x Adidas: the new workoutwear collab to know

Peloton instructors Robin Arzón, Ally Love and Cody Rigsby were involved in designing the spring/ summer 2021 collection


‘Staying silent about endometriosis nearly cost me my life’

Actor and screenwriter Charlotte Carroll discovered she was pregnant, was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and had life-threatening miscarriage all in one day. Here, she explains why she turned her pain into a film

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7 at-home health test kits for boosting your wellbeing

From Numan’s finger-prick MOT kit to Medichecks’ fitness blood test, these are the health checks you can order to your door

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Weight lifting can change your life—here’s how to get started

It’s no longer the intimidating, male-dominated section of the gym to be avoided at all costs. Now, more and more women are strength training too. From a female-only weight lifting gym to expert beginner tips, Rosie Fitzmaurice has your guide to pumping iron


‘I’m worried the pandemic has ruined my chances of having a baby’

After three happy years of being single, lockdown has created anxieties about meeting the right man in time to have a family, says Hayley  Mortimer


Horatio Clare: ‘My psychosis was brought on by cannabis’

Two years ago the acclaimed travel writer suffered a catastrophic mental breakdown. He tells Katie Law about his delusional fantasies, being sectioned under the Mental Health Act and how he took the first steps to recovery


Seven And A Half Lessons About The Brain Lisa Feldman Barrett review

Your brain doesn’t ‘light up’ or store memories like computer files, personality tests don’t work and our brains are no more ‘evolved’ than any other animal. Katie Law enjoys a new book about the brain that is small in size but big on ideas

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Why is breastfeeding still so misunderstood?

A commercial shown during the Golden Globes depicting the often agonising and demoralising reality of breastfeeding has been praised. New mum Kate Wills says this needs to be just the beginning of the conversation


How to find the right running headphones for you

Along with a good pair of trainers, decent headphones are an essential part of your running kit  

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The Mayr Method explained: What is Rebel Wilson’s diet?

Rebel Wilson shed over four stone last year. Rosie Fitzmaurice investigates how she did it and how she plans to keep the weight off

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Toxic positivity is the new #FirstWorldProblems

WhatsApp groups across the capital are getting a little bit too #hashtag grateful this lockdown

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A day in the life of Super Bowl champion Tom Brady

He’s the ageless Adonis who won the Super Bowl at the record age of 43. Rosie Fitzmaurice has a guide to living like Tom

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Dr Xand van Tulleken on how the pandemic is damaging our health

Lockdown has exacerbated the UK's loneliness problem, but the host of new podcast Made of Stronger Stuff has some tips to help limit the damage

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Strictly’s Oti Mabuse: “My dance classes are like therapy” 

The reigning Strictly Come Dancing champion tells Katie Strick about her living room workouts, the letters she receives from children and dancing for mental health

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How to get out of your fitness rut, according to Dame Kelly Holmes

The double Olympic champion talks recovering from Covid, running for her mental health and how to get your fitness mojo back if you’re stuck in a new year rut

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How the Royal Parks Half Marathon is going digital

Expected app features for the virtual race include audio cues, interactive leaderboards and augmented reality landmarks 

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Are we on the brink of a mental health crisis in the capital?

We’re in a third lockdown, Londoners’ stress, depression and anxiety levels are soaring and antidepressant use is at an all-time high. Welcome to the age of the Covid mental health crisis. So how on earth can we piece ourselves back together again? Kate Wills reports

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Where to do Pilates online: the best virtual classes and workouts

Looking for a low-impact workout that'll improve your strength, flexibility, alignment and posture? Look no further... 

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From apps to books, this is your Dry January survival guide

Virgin quarantini anyone? A record number of us are going sober this month. Here’s how to do it right, says Katie Strick  

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Intermittent fasting: everything you need to know

A growing number of health experts are arguing it’s not so much what you eat, but when


Adrienne Herbert: ‘one power hour per day can change everything’

Cold showers, fast nasal breathing and movement first thing: Power Hour podcast host and wellness guru Adrienne Herbert shares her secrets to getting s*** done in 2021, as told to Rosie Fitzmaurice

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The effect booze is really having on your mind, body and bank balance

​Have you ever stopped to consider the impact alcohol is having on your health and wellbeing? Nutritionist and weight loss specialist Kim Pearson discusses the different ways that drinking alcohol could be affecting your health

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All the new fitness apps, tools and trends to know for 2021

From Apple’s new high-spec fitness platform to supercharging your cool down, this is your 2021 fitness mega-guide

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Best diet in the world for 2021 announced

Following the Mediterranean diet is more a way of life than about counting calories