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The STEM Project

Introducing Future London’s STEM Project

In this new series for young people, we explore how science, technology, engineering and maths impacts the world 

The STEM Project

Take the 6th STEM challenge: make a festive costume from recycling

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable – here’s how scientists are tackling that problem

The STEM Project

STEM careers: What does a chemical engineer do?

We hear from Aida Rafat who has launched her own sustainable business as a chemical engineer

The STEM Project

Take a bonus STEM challenge: make a new outfit from an old one

We don’t need new stuff - we need to use what we have more creatively, says Fanfare founder Esther Knight

Artificial intelligence
The STEM Project

STEM Challenge #5: Understand AI by playing noughts and crosses

Learn how to never lose at noughts and crosses – and how that helps you understand AI 

The STEM Project

STEM careers: What is it like to study AI and can I use it at work?

Meet Lucrezia Del Zompo, who is studying AI at Queen Mary University of London as part of an apprenticeship

The STEM Project

STEM careers: How do I become a video game developer?

Nathan John is a game developer and machine learning researcher – he tells us more about his work and how his career has progressed

Computer science
The STEM Project

This amazing card trick shows the magic of maths

What does Google have in common with a card trick? Lots more than you’d think

Space science

Meet the London scientist preparing for a mission to Jupiter

Michele Dougherty, principal investigator for the European Space Agency’s 'Juice' mission, explains what her team is looking for


Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer: What is the 2022 mission searching for?

The Juice mission may help us get a better understanding of whether life might be able to form on Ganymede, Callisto or Europa

Aerospace engineering
The STEM Project

STEM challenge #1: Make a paper plane

You should test your plane and modify it to improve its performance. How far will it fly?


How British pilot Sheila Scott flew into the world records

As part of our The STEM Project, we are learning about role models, past and present. Here, we find out about a very talented pilot

Working in STEM

What does an aerospace engineer do?

From studying hard to building things, Hania Mohiuddin reveals what it takes to become a systems engineer


What does a space engineer do – and how can you become one?

Imperial College London engineer Richard Baughen, a space instruments engineer at Imperial College London explains his work on magnometers - and why maths matters


What is it like to study aeronautical and astronautical engineering?

Masters student Tatjana Mandil reveals what led her to a STEM degree