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Your next TikTok challenge? Finding a house! How property agents are targeting new waves of buyers

From new flats in Battersea to a six-bedroom LA mansion, here’s how agents are taking to TikTok to sell homes this year.

<p>All good content: successful applicants will be able to shoot TikTok videos at the LA home before it goes on the open market on Friday</p>

All good content: successful applicants will be able to shoot TikTok videos at the LA home before it goes on the open market on Friday

/ Noel Kleinman
Meghann MurdockDeputy editor, Homes & Property
07 April 2021

orget dance challenges— TikTok is quickly establishing itself as a valuable tool for estate agents hoping to capture the attention of Generation Z.

In January, flats at Coda in Battersea were marketed through TikTok by developer Avanton and the Corban Group, led by agent Toby Albert-Corban (@londonrealestate). Two-bedroom flats in the next phase of the development start at £770,000.

“We have had several viewings and genuine buyer enquiries from the videos,” says David Ronson of Avanton.


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Artist Julie Stevens has teamed up with agent Rochelle Maize to offer her six-bedroom home in Los Angeles to TikTok stars to use as a backdrop for their videos before the house goes on the open market for £3.8 million on Friday.

“Initially we had maybe 15 applications, but we’re up to 50 now,” says Maize. “I don’t know if we can take many more.”

Transformed: the six-bedroom LA home has been restyled since it was taken off the market last year, it’s now set to be visited by between 15 and 50 TikTok stars and will be put up for sale for £3.8m on Friday

/ Noel Kleinman

“They get to film great content in locations they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and we ask them to tag the house to get more exposure. We’re getting younger, different eyes on the property”.

The basement of the property in Santa Monica is a huge creative space, formerly Stevens’ art and kiln room which is accessed through a “secret door in the bookcase in the ‘gift-wrapping room’”. It’s now a soundproof recording studio and music room – a perfect space for lucky TikTokers to plan their next moves.

One for creatives: the former artist’s studio is now a soundproof recording studio and entertainment space

/ Noel Kleinman

Originally listed for £4.2 million last year, the house has been restyled by interior design company Vesta in order to appeal to more buyers. “People didn’t really understand it, the decoration was too specific,” says Maize.

“We took out the lighting, refinished the floors, made it more of a blank canvas – the buyer pool immediately quadrupled.

“You have to do it [staging] for them, it’s all about creating a lifestyle they can imagine themselves living in.”

Hortons estate agents in the East Midlands are among UK agents finding potential buyers through the social media platform.

“We’ve had circa 565,000 views in about eight weeks and circa 40,000 likes,” says Adam Horton.

“One property in Leicester had around 39,000 views and we ended up booking nine physical viewings from the video.”