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Triumph of the former Mrs Amazon: What Mackenzie Scott did next

Two years on from the world's most expensive divorce, Jeff Bezos' ex-wife has remarried and is quietly thriving, says Lucy Pavia


Why I miss wedding dancing

Dancing at weddings is ‘not recommended’ according to the new rules. What kind of fresh hell is this? It’s the best part, says Susannah Butter


Could the G7 political WAGs have dressed a little less WAGish?

Pretty in pink but a little regressive? Chloe Street rues the ultra-feminine fashion at the G7


Who is MacKenzie Scott’s new husband, Dan Jewett?

Scott’s Amazon page has been updated, saying she “lives in Seattle with her four children and her husband, Dan” - but who is the mystery science teacher?


A breakdown of the Armie Hammer cannibalism scandal

The actor has reportedly checked into rehab for drug, alcohol and sex issues


Have you gone hybrid yet? It’s the new 9-5...

Dividing the week between home and the office is set to become our new way of doing business. But how can you ensure you get the best of both worlds? Kate Wills reports


Griff: ‘I’m rare and unique—embracing that is the best thing’

Fresh from receiving her Brit Rising Star Award, Griff is on a fast track to superstardom. She talks to Richard Godwin about sky-high ambition, foster siblings and taking inspiration from Taylor Swift and Jesus