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Jill Biden’s ‘LOVE’ jacket was the perfect power move, but it’s not her first

Fashion talks and America’s First Lady knows it, says Chloe Street

11 Jun 2021

Dr. Jill Biden is not one for flashy dressing, OTT outfits or big name designer labels. She’s a busy, professional woman whose wardrobe largely comprises elegant but understated pieces; namely knee-length dresses, pumps and blazers.

But every now and then, she turns to punchy slogans to hit a message home.

Yesterday, when the First Lady met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie Johnson, she chose to wear a black Zadig & Voltaire blazer with the word “LOVE” emblazoned in rhinestones across the back over her polka dot Brandon Maxwell dress.

The jacket, which Biden first wore on the campaign trail in Philadelphia in 2019, delivered a short, and sweet missive. The Biden’s had arrived at the G7 with a message of love.

The Bidens and the Johnsons at the G7 Summit on Thursday

/ AP

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Love and peace? Love and a “special relationship”? We’re not sure, but, when asked by a reporter for Bloomberg news, Dr. Biden said it simply meant the US envoy were “bringing love from America. This is a global conference, and we are trying to bring unity across the globe. And I think it’s needed right now, that people feel a sense of unity from all the countries and feel a sense of hope after this year of the pandemic.”

Jill Biden wore the same LOVE jacket at a campaign Rally in Philadelphia in 2019

/ Getty Images

Comparisons with the “I really don’t care, do you?” Zara parka Melania Trump wore to visit migrant children inside a detention centre in 2018 were inevitable. And honestly there’s no way that Biden’s blinged-out blazer wasn’t designed as a subtle (and, if you ask me, inspired) dig at her predecessor. I mean, when it’s that easy you would, wouldn’t you?

It’s not the first time Dr. Biden has sent a message with her clothes. In September 2020 she wore a pair of over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots to cast her ballot that read ‘VOTE’ in silver letters down the calf, while on inauguration day she wore a white Gabriela Hearst dress in the evening that had flowers from all the US states and territories embroidered on the chest.

Dr. Jill Biden’s VOTE boots

/ AFP via Getty Images

In general, Dr. Biden, a full-time lecturer with four university degrees, has far too much on her plate to waste time planning ostentatious outfits. But she’s also smart enough to know that sometimes fashion is a wonderfully expedient medium through which to send a powerful message. And yesterday’s G7 warm-up was just such a moment.

Let’s pray it’s a love that lasts.