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<p>Sadiq Khan performs a bunny hop on a borrowed bike in Hackney Marshes</p>

Sadiq Khan shows off bike skills as he urges Londoners to go Green

Mayor ‘bunny hops’ across Hackney Marshes on borrowed bike after backing Sian Berry


Sian Berry for Mayor 2021? Only Greens have big ideas

Sian Berry is the eco-warrior who wants to challenge the status quo. She talks to Ross Lydall about crime, City airport and bees


Luisa Porritt wants to to expose Sadiq Khan’s ‘dirty little secret’

She’s the youngest of the main mayoral challengers to Sadiq and her mantra is jobs, homes and clean air. Ross Lydall meets her...


YouTube star Niko Omilana set to deny Sadiq Khan landslide victory

Hilarity on social media as poll suggests Laurence Fox and UKIP’s Peter Gammons have as much support as Count Binface


The breakdancing ex-drug addict who’s trying to become Mayor of London

He made a fortune on Wall Street — now the controversial broadcaster Brian Rose is throwing everything at taking on Sadiq Khan. Susannah Butter asks him why


Key questions Sadiq Khan faces on London’s violent crime problem

Today we start the first in a series of reports looking at the Mayor’s record on key issues. In the first of three pieces examining crime, Martin Bentham looks at violence in capital


Court of Appeal to consider Bishopsgate scheme as TfL backs LTNs

Ruling will set precedent for future roll-out of LTNs and cycle schemes across London


Shaun Bailey: Catching criminals is great - preventing crime is better

Shaun Bailey talks police, TfL and why he might invite himself to the PM’s wedding


Laurence Fox on Covid jabs, lifting lockdown and ‘woke’ Sadiq Khan

Outspoken actor rails against Black Lives Matter, footballers taking the knee and low-traffic neighbourhoods