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Moment Australian TV presenter pushes crocodile away as it stalks him in river

Social media users were amazed the croc didn't strike

17 September 2020

n Australian TV presenter has left viewers stunned by confronting a crocodile that was stalking him in a river.

Matt Wright, star of the hit National Geographic show Outback Wrangler, gently coaxed the preying beast into keeping its distance, despite the risk it could lash out and attack him any moment.

While the gut instinct of most would be to run for the hills, the seasoned explorer entered a conversation with the deadly reptile, which he named "Bonecruncher".

In an Instagram video that racked up more than 170,000 views, Matt filmed himself clearing logs in a waterway in Australia's Northern Territory with co-worker Tommy Nichols.

A huge saltwater crocodile soon sniffs his presence and slowly stalks him beneath the water surface - but Matt stays put and even pushes the animal by its snout to move away.

The TV presenter got up close with the crocodile / mattwright/Instagram

He tells his 309,000 followers: "We're just trying to get a few logs out of the water here. We're pulling all these logs up over there.

"We're having a bit of a hard time, we have a little friend that has come to visit us... go away. We can't get any work done, he keeps following us around."

As the croc refuses to stop tracking him, Matt cries: "It's a bit of a pain in the a**e having a crocodile around."

He then addresses the animal directly, telling it: "Give it up. We're trying to get some work done. Get out. Away. Go away."

Explaining why he felt so comfortable around the beast, Matt told NT News: “He’s a croc with poor self-esteem and he hangs out where the big crocs don’t."

“I’ve been working with crocs for over 20 years now ... and this is the first croc I’ve ever seen behave in this manner,” he said, adding it has lost an eye and part of its jaw.

Fans were impressed, to say the least. “Talking to him like he’s a puppy,” one amazed viewer commented.

Another wrote: “Australians litrrally [sic] give no f****. I swat flies in America. These blokes are literally swatting crocodiles like they’re puppies.”

A third asked: “How is he so tame? And not attacking you?”

One other user replies: “Only in Australia”, while another added: "This is the most Australian thing I've watched."

According to the CrocBite website, which compiles data on reported crocodile incidents, there were ten fatal crocodile attacks in Australia between 2013 and 2018 - and many more close encounters.

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