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Claudia Conway ordered by mum Kellyanne to retract Covid comments on TikTok

06 October 2020

laudia Conway has been ordered by her mother Kellyanne to "correct” comments on TikTok suggesting she “lied” to her about testing positive for coronavirus.

The former Donald Trump adviser was heard insisting the 15-year-old clarify to her 1.1 million followers that she had three tests, one of which was negative.

“Do it now. You say, ‘correction, my mum had three tests’,” Kellyanne is heard saying off camera in Claudia’s latest video.

The teen wrote: “Little clarification from my previous posts. My mother claims that she did not lie to me. She had three tests done, first negative, second two positive.

“We were not in communication. I misinterpreted it.”

Kellyanne Conway attended a 'superspreader' White House bash last week /

Kellyanne added in a tweet an hour later: "My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant. She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably.

"Like all of you, she speculates on social media. Yet she’s 15. You are adults. We have Covid, but it’s clear who’s really sick."

Claudia has been racking up millions of views providing a running TikTok commentary of the Covid-19 outbreak engulfing the White House, and revealed on Friday that she too has been struck down with the virus.

“Update my mom has Covid,” Claudia announced. Sat with a large mask on, she wrote: “Bye I'm done, I'll see you all in two weeks."

In another TikTok video, she had claimed her mother was “coughing all around the house”, against an audio track saying “that’s weird, that’s suspicious”.

The revelation prompted Kellyanne to take to Twitter to confirm her diagnosis, the latest in a growing number of Trump associates, aides and staffers to test positive.

She and at least nine others who attended a White House Rose Garden ceremony to celebrate Mr Trump’s new Supreme Court pick have been diagnosed with Covid-19, including the US president and First Lady themselves, raising fears it was a “superspreder” event.

Claudia has mocked Mr Trump over the past few days on TikTok. After his diagnosis, she wrote: “I don't wish ill on anybody but ... the irony,” she said.

“I hope the Lysol cures him,” she added, in a nod to his baseless suggestion earlier in the pandemic that infected Americans could inject themselves with disinfectant.

Kellyanne Conway was a top adviser in the Trump administration / AFP via Getty Images

The teen also played a sound bite on one of her videos’ of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden telling Mr Trump “you're the worst president America has ever had”.

The vocal critic of the US president, despite her mother’s former senior role in his administration, added in another video: “I'm furious. Wear your masks. Don't listen to our idiot f****** president piece of s***. Protect yourself and those around you”.

Mr Trump dramatically walked out of Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Maryland on Monday night and returned to the White House to complete his treatment, ripping off his mask as he arrived and telling Americans: “Don’t be afraid of Covid.”

The US has a Covid-19 related death toll of more than 210,000 and has seen more than seven million cases.

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