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ere we set out some key information about who does what across our business and how you can contact them. You will find email addresses and phone numbers for our various departments. It will help us to answer your query quickly and fully if you direct it to the right place.

If you have a story you think we might be interested to know about please email our news team at [email protected].

For help with a technical problem relating to please contact Customer Services. For technical problems with the Evening Standard app please also contact Customer Services.

If you have a concern about editorial material that has appeared in the Evening Standard or on this website (or on our apps), please visit our Code of Conduct and our complaints procedure page.


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Postal address:

Evening Standard, ESI Media, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT​, United Kingdom, Switchboard - 020 3367 7000

Editorial contact details (newspaper)

Publisher: Charlotte Ross

Deputy Editor: Jack Lefley

Editor Emeritus: Doug Wills


News Editor: Mark Wilkinson

P: 020 3615 2500E: [email protected]


Chief Content Editor: Anna van Praagh


Associate Editor (Audience): Samantha Herbert, [email protected]

Associate Editor (Digital Operations): Neil Hunter, [email protected]


Head of Pictures: Elliot Wagland

​P: 0203 6153913 E: [email protected]

Business & City

City Editor: Oscar Williams-Grut


Head of Sport: James Major

Homes & Property

Homes & Property Editor: Prudence Ivey

P: 020 3615 2650 E: [email protected]


The Londoner

Diary Editor: Robbie Smith


Commercial contacts

CEO: Charles Yardley

Commercial director: James White