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7 best Chinese cookbooks

From fluffy dumplings to smooth noodles, cuisine is fast becoming one of China’s greatest exports

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28 January 2017

s the Chinese New Year begins, we say goodbye to the Monkey and hello to the Rooster, who will hopefully be far less of a trouble maker.

We’ve found the best cookbooks to hone your Chinese cookery skills with.

China: The Cookbook by Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan

A treasure trove of information, this book gives a fantastic insight into the history of Chinese cuisine. With over 600 recipes, you’ll find old faithfuls such as Dim Sum and Sweet and Sour Pork as well as regional delights like Fujian Fried Rice.

£16, Amazon, Buy it now

Chinese Happy New Year 2017 by Ted Alling

The perfect one for throwing a Chinese New Year party, or indeed, any special occasion, this book offers 25 recipes that will please a crowd. Extremely simple, even a novice cook will be able to navigate it.

£10, Amazon, Buy it now

A Chinese Street Food Odyssey by Helen and Lisa Tse

Get down to street level with this map of rustic and traditional dishes. Following Helen and Lisa as they travel across China in search of great street food, the stories accompanying the exciting recipes make them even more of a delight to cook and eat.

£16, Amazon, Buy it now

Chinese Unchopped by Jeremy Pang

School of Wok founder Jeremy Pang sheds some light on the mysteriousness and complexity of Chinese flavours. Starting with the basics, Jeremy guides you through how to use equipment, ingredients and fundamental techniques such as stir-frying and steaming. A must for those who like to get it right.

£19, Amazon, Buy it now

A. Wong- The Cookbook by Andrew Wong

For Chinese food with a twist, this is the book. Wong explores famous recipes from Singapore to Sichuan but puts his own signature twist on them. Stemming from his famous London restaurant it’ll give you a taste of his extraordinary culinary skill.

£20, Amazon, Buy it now

The Dim Sum Field Guide by Carolyn Phillips

Charming illustrations make this a pleasurable book to read and the pocket size means you can carry it anywhere. Although not strictly a cookbook, it’s a great little reference aid to the world of dim sum which will come in handy when you’re out for dinner or cooking from home.

£11, Amazon, Buy it now

The Chinese Kitchen Garden by Wendy Kiang- Spray

Growing your own herbs can be immensely satisfying and this beautifully photographed book shows you just how to do that. Calling on her own family history and traditions, Wendy guides you through the growing of traditional Chinese herbs and vegetables and how to use them expertly in cooking. Organised by season, it’s a guide you can turn to all year round.

£16, Amazon, Buy it now

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