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8 best herbal teas with health benefits

Sip your way to a healthier mind and body with the help of a herbal wonder tea

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21 April 2017

erbal tea has had something of a rejuvenation over the last few years, escaping the doldrums of being written off as just something hippies or grandmothers drink.

Nowadays, it seems stranger to drink English breakfast tea than it does to drink something herbal, but when you think of the health benefits of some of these infusions, it’s easy to see why.

As it's National Tea Day, we thought we'd round up the teas that will give your body and mind the reboot it needs.

Niche ‘Skin’ Herbal Tea

Helps: promote clear skin

This white tea blend is rich in anti-oxidants which help to flush out the bad stuff sitting in your skin. The burdock root is rich in iron, helping to combat paleness, whilst the anti-inflammatory properties of the red clover and rose petals will help to calm down breakouts. Drink daily before you eat anything to get the best results- especially after a heavy night out.

£12, Not on the High Street, Buy it now

Pukka Turmeric Gold

Helps: with menstrual cramps

There are many benefits of ingesting turmeric, but our favourite has to be that it can help alleviate menstrual cramps. This one combines lemon and cardamom in an organic green tea to create a blend that is flavoursome and easy to drink. For the best taste, brew for around four minutes and sip slowly at the first signs of pain.

£2.49, Pukka, Buy it now

Chamomile Tea

Helps: hair growth

Whilst we all know chamomile tea to be calming, the fact that it can help promote hair growth is one that evades most people. Antiseptic elements help clear away dead skin cells that are affecting growth, whilst also minimising split ends and promoting shine and lustre. If you’re impatiently waiting for your hair to grow, try drinking this twice a day (morning and night). The Teapigs version keeps the flowers intact, allowing the brew to benefit from the full flavour.

£3.99, Teapigs, Buy it now

Snooze Sleepy Tea

Helps: promote a good night’s sleep

If you’re struggling to drop off to sleep at night, it may be due to the endless scrolling through Instagram and Facebook habit that you can’t seem to break. But you can still find ways to combat it and still get your social media fix. A herbal tea with soothing properties could be just the ticket: Teapigs has developed the Snooze tea from sweet apple and lavender to aid relaxation, helping you to drift off into a natural sleep. Why not sip before bed as you’re scrolling through your feed? It’s a win-win situation.

£3.99, Teapigs, Buy it now

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

Helps: maintain weight

If you find yourself hitting the wall at 3pm and then reaching for a treat to get you through until dinner, this tea could help break that cycle. Made from fennel and dandelion roots, it will help to supress the appetite and abate cravings too which, in turn, will help prevent bloating. The sweetness reduces the craving for unhealthy snacks and the fact that it’s caffeine free means you can drink it throughout the day.

£2.35, Holland & Barrett, Buy it now

Heath & Heather Energising Morning Time Tea

Helps: wake you up

Let’s face it: getting up for work is usually pretty hellish. For whatever reason, you rarely feel like you’ve had enough sleep and often wake up feeling like you’ve just come out of a coma. A dose of this vibrant tea might help wake you from your stupor; combining ginseng root and Amazonian guarana for a natural energy kick. Have the teabag and mug prepped by the kettle so in the morning you can down a cup before your workout or daily commute. Be warned though: guarana contains twice as much caffeine as coffee, so this will definitely start your day off with a bang.

£2.99, Holland & Barrett, Buy it now

Niche ‘Mind’ Tea

Helps: stress and anxiety

If you find it hard to focus your mind, a natural remedy such as this is much gentler on the body than over-the-counter drugs. Yerba Mate (a kind of holly leaf) aids digestion, which can cause us concentration problems, cinnamon and lemongrass help to stimulate and the Gotu Kola plant relieves stress and anxiety. Combined, these plants not only help to focus the mind but also taste great. Drink whenever you start to feel overwhelmed by stress.

£12, Not on the High Street, Buy it now

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea

Helps: lower blood pressure and cholesterol; boosts the immune system

Cute packaging is not the only thing this tea has going for it. The strawberry hibiscus has a naturally bright berry flavour and is packed with Vitamin C, helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and fend off any bugs that are going around.

£3.95, The Kandula Tea Company, Buy it now