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The best single origin coffee

Pinpointing exactly where our food and drink comes from is a big deal these days  - these are the coffees you can source right down to the field

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Katie StrickFeature writer
30 August 2017

ith beans sourced from individual estates, or even individual fields, single-origin coffee is naturally more nuanced.

Wake up and smell a higher quality of coffee with beans guaranteed to enliven your morning brew.

Here are five of the best.

Sea Island Clifton Mount Estate

From one of the oldest functioning estates in Jamaica, this Blue Mountain coffee has hints of acidity, with a smooth, creamy aftertaste.

£15, Sea Island Coffee, Buy it now

Fortnum & Mason Panama Esmeralda Special

The queen of coffees. An elegant blend of raspberry and peach flavours with a jasmine fragrance, grown on the slopes of the Baru volcano in western Panama.

£50, Fortnum & Mason, Buy it now

Sonnentor Nicaragua Single-Origin Coffee

This powerful, aromatic organic coffee comes from the cloud forests of Nicaragua. It’s strong-flavoured and slightly acidic.

£7.29, Ayurveda 101, Buy it now

Starbucks Colombia Medium Ground Coffee

A balanced and nutty coffee from 2,285m up in Colombia’s Narino mountains.

£2.50, Waitrose, Buy it now

Raw Bean Mexican Finca Aurora Single-Origin Beans

This coffee is produced by a small co-operative close to the volcano of Cerro San Juan in Mexico. It has a delicate orangey sweetness with notes of berries, and a smooth chocolatey aftertaste.

£5.19, Raw Bean, Buy it now