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Best mattresses 2021: memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid reviewed

The comfiest, cleverest and best-made mattresses you can buy, including pocket sprung, memory foam and hybrid models

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our choice of mattress can affect your quality of sleep, how comfortable you are while you rest, and even your musculoskeletal health. Buying one that suits you perfectly could be one of the gifts-to-self of a lifetime.

In this guide, we review the best mattresses available today. We’ve included a mix of pocket sprung, memory foam and hybrid mattresses, so hopefully everyone will be able to find their ideal mattress here.

How to choose the best mattress

Choosing the best mattress is all about finding the option that’s best suited to your body, your personal preferences and your budget.

Arguably the most important question to ask, is what level of firmness do you prefer? There are some mattresses that you really sink into, others that hold you aloft, and plenty in-between.

A key factor in mattress firmness is the materials used to support the body. Mattresses made of foams tend to be gentler and more yielding, while traditional sprung mattresses usually give the most support. Hybrid mattresses, which have both springs and memory foam, can offer a combination of support and softness that some would say offers the most sweetly balanced of sleeps.

Another important point is the temperature regulating capabilities of the mattress. Some materials, such as certain latex foams, tend to be hotter to sleep on, although the design of the mattress is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining how warm or cool it sleeps.

Other variables that can make one mattress arguably better than another include the material of the mattress cover (is it soft and hypoallergenic?), and the extent to which one person moving on the mattress will effect the other side, which is referred to as motion transfer.

In terms of budget, quality mattresses can vary hugely. The mattresses featured in our reviews range from about £400 to over £2,500 for a UK double, and we believe that every one of them merits consideration.

How often should you change your mattress?

This will depend on a range of factors including the materials used in the mattress, the level of wear and tear, and the extent to which the susceptibility of the mattress to deterioration.

Different manufacturers, sellers and experts give you different advice on how often to change a mattress, often depending on the specific mattress in question, and sometimes based on their own commercial interests.

With all that said, most sources suggest replacing your mattress once every 7-10 years.

Fun mattress facts:

  • The word mattress is derived from the Arabic maṭraḥ, which means ‘something thrown down’.
  • Memory foam, the form-fitting material often used in mattresses, was developed under a NASA contract in the 1970s.  
  • The first ‘sprung’ mattress, with springs inside it, was made by Heinrich Westphal, in Germany, in 1871.
  • In Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fairytale, ‘The princess and the pea’, the discerning royal hero of the story lays down on a stack of twenty mattresses. She'd have made a fine mattress reviewer for ES Best.

Current mattress sales and offers

Here are some of the best mattress deals and promotions currently available:

  • OTTY - score up to 40 per cent off in the summer sale
  • eve Sleep - save up to 35 per cent off off mattresses and bed frames
  • Simba - new customers can score 25 per cent off items
  • Emma Mattress - to celebrate 500,000 sales, the brand is offering discounts of 40 per cent
  • Nectar - 35 per cent off any foam mattress and deals on bundles

Best foam mattresses

Foam type: breathable ‘Airgocell’ foam; memory foam; HRX support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Front, side

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 200 days

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Medium

Adjustable? No


  • Soft yet supportive feel 
  • Low motion transfer  
  • Sleeps relatively cool for a foam mattress


  • Synthetic materials may be unsuitable for some customers

Our best buy for foam mattresses, the Emma mattress is firm, comfortable, and feels far more sturdily built than many other mattresses towards the softer end of the spectrum. It's made up of several foam layers including a visco-elastic memory foam layer and a supporting layer of cooler foam.

The “climate fiber” top cover is pleasingly cool on the skin. The top layer is made of innovative, “point-elastic” Airgocell foam – which isolates movement to one part of the mattress - great news for anyone with a restless bedfellow. It provides blissful, supportive comfort on you're a side or front sleeper.

Single £649

Double | £849

King | £999

Super-king | £1,099

Foam type: 3-Layer foam construction; 2 layers of Certipur certified viscoelastic foam and base layer of support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Front, side and back

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 355 days

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Medium-firm

Adjustable? No


  • Breathable base layer, cooling cover 
  • Smart memory foam interior 
  • 365 day free trial 
  • Suits any bed frame


  • May feel too firm for those who prefer to sink into mattress

The mattress is built with four layer, two of which are memory foam. The first designed to relieve pressure and the second to regulate temperature. This is then topped with an innovative seven zone design where different areas of the mattress offer different levels of support depending on the area of the body – with more support under the hips and less at the shoulders. The mattress is then topped with a trademarked cooling cover.

At a medium firmness, the Nectar mattress is not as hard as some of the other memory foams on the market. It sculpts around your body without feeling like you are sinking into the bed frame. The bouncy foam actually feels like it is supporting your body - ideal after sitting at your desk all day or a heavy gym workout which can put a lot of pressure on your back. It is a godsend to come home and lie on the mattress that feels like it is realigning your spine while you sleep.

Ideal for duvet days, the mattress stays firm without dipping into the most frequented spots and you don’t feel like you are overheating even in the height of summer.

It arrives in a convenient box and when unpacked, inflates in minutes. There is even 365 day trial, two free foam pillows included, free returns and a forever warranty that is a testament to the durability of the mattress.

Single | £314

Small Double | £449

Double | £449

King | £549

Super-king | £649

Foam type: Memory foam, cooling foam, support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Any

Depth: 24cm

Trial period: 100 days

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Medium

Adjustable? No


  • Good level of support 
  • Excellent detailing 
  • Suits all sleep postures


  • Relatively thin memory foam layer

If you’re a back or front sleeper, you’ll do well with eve’s mattress which offers superb level of support and firmness. The top is made of a slim 3cm thick layer of memory foam, which redistributes weight responsively as you shift throughout the night. Under that is a 3cm cooling layer so you don't overheat, followed by a thick 18cm supportive base layer that creates an opulent sense of depth – think a 21st Century Princess and the Pea - minus any veggies.

But what we appreciated most was eve’s subtler details – the moisture-wicking top cover, the hand stitched sides, and more whimsically the Ursula le Guin and Salvador Dali quotes printed inside the box. eve is a mattress with artistry in its very fibres. Of course, what matters in the long-term is comfort – and the eve mattress caters for that extremely well.

If you’re unsure about whether the eve Sleep Original Mattress is quite right for you, we suggest you check out two similar mattresses from the eve Sleep range: the Premium and the Lighter.

The Premium adds some lavish touches to the mattress, including a weave of silver in the mattress topper. The precious fibre is included ostensibly for its antimicrobial properties, but we reckon a subtle element of showing off might be at play, too.

Meanwhile, the Lighter is a simplified version of the Original that comes with a featherweight price tag.

Single | £279

Small double | £419

Double | £454

King | £524

Super-king | £594

Best pocket sprung mattresses

What is a pocket spring?

Traditional mattresses support the body using large numbers of springs – the familiar metal coils that store mechanical energy and exert what’s known as a restoring force when compressed. Springs used in mattresses are often wrapped individually in fabric pockets, hence ‘pocket spring’.

Best for which type of sleeper? Front, back or side (any) 

Depth: 26cm

Trial period: 100 days

Organic materials? Yes

Soft/firm? Medium-to-firm

Adjustable? Yes


  • Beautiful organic materials
  • Crowd-pleasing, moderate feel
  • Free two-person delivery


  • Some users may prefer a mattress they can sink into more

Now here is an incredibly comfortable mattress. ​It's handmade using traditional techniques, so it's not one of the new bed-in-a-box variety. Instead, the Herdy Sleep mattress uses a fully sustainable and 100 per cent recyclable spring system offering no less than 7,000 pocket springs, an impressive thousand more than the previous version.

Providing excellent support for back, side and front sleepers, this sumptuous mattress is made from a winning blend of cashmere, cotton, wool and fleece — the latter sourced from Herdwick sheep farmers in the Lake District. Wool is naturally antibacterial, temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic — unlike all-foam mattresses which are notorious for trapping heat. The Herdy Sleep mattress proved to be just as cool and comfortable in July as it was warm and welcoming in January.

Another big plus is the Cortec spring system, which has been installed entirely without glue. The fabric cover has been woven in-house by Herdy Sleep and is also chemical free. Chemical sensitivities can occur from low-level chemical exposure (think fragrance triggering a headache) and when you consider how close your face is to a mattresses, and for how many hours every night, it's worth factoring this into your mattress considerations.

In terms of softness and squish, this mattress doesn't have a sink-in feeling mattress like its foam competitors, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Tested on three different sleepers, we each found it to be the perfect Goldie Locks combination of not too soft, and not too hard. After almost a year of use it still feels just as plump and comfy as the day it arrived - exactly what you want from such a high-ticket item.

To sum up; this is an artisan mattress that blends natural materials with modern technology, resulting in the most blissful sleep we have had in years.

Single | £649

Double | £849

King | £999

Super-king | £1,099

Best for which type of sleeper? Back or side

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: No

Organic materials? Yes

Soft/firm? Medium

Adjustable? Yes


  • Excellent craftspersonship  
  • Natural materials  
  • 100% recyclable


  • It’s a bit pricey

If you're a warm sleeper, you'll want to steer clear from all foam mattresses (which have a knack of trapping heat) and instead invest in a bed like the Wensleydale from department store, John Lewis.

You can't help but channel a modern-day Sleeping Beauty when laying back on this 13,400 pocket sprung mattress. You can feel the luxury and craftsmanship in every inch.

The bouncy cloud-like texture is a result of a careful blend of natural fillings, think Egyptian cotton, Wensleydale Wool (from a rare breed of sheep that live on a Yorkshire farm, no less) and linen which keeps things soft and breathable.

Extra air can travel through the mattress thanks to the 'Revolution' pocket spring system, and the entire mattress is 100 percent recyclable. The cover for this mattress has been woven in Leeds, and is made from materials that are naturally fire resistant, so the cover is chemical-free.

This mattress is medium-hard but other tensions are available along with different mixes of wool - happy news for anyone with specific allergies.

This is one of the best pocket sprung mattress money can buy, not just for the quality and craftsmanship, but for its superb and total comfort. Comes with a seven year guarantee.

Single | £1,299

Double | £1,699

King | £2,699

Super-king | £2,699

Best for which type of sleeper? Varies

Trial period: No

Organic materials? Yes

Soft/firm? Available in Gentle, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm

Adjustable? Yes


  • Superior materials
  • Bespoke springs 
  • Option to choose your preferred tension


  • Very expensive

For a superior mattress handmade by one of the finest companies in Britain, Harrison Spinks is a very confident buy. Made on a 300-acre farm in Yorkshire with natural fillings such as wool and cotton, each bed is made with springs specially developed by the brand's engineers.

You mattress can be made to your specifications in terms of size and tension - with even split tension possible if you like - but if you want one that's ready to go, opt for a luxury Harrison Spinks bed from online retailer Feather & Black.

The Clifton Cashmere Mattress offers a superb night's rest thanks to 15,000 springs and seven types of natural filling. If you've been dreaming of the perfect night's sleep, stop the search - lying on this mattress will make it feel as though you're floating on cloud nine.

Small single | £2,125

Single | £2,125

Small double | £2,650

Double | £2,650

King | £2,975

Super-king | £4,050

Emperor | £5,050

Best for which type of sleeper? Varies according to firmness

Depth: 30cm

Trial period: No

Organic materials? Yes

Soft/firm? Available in Medium and Firm

Adjustable? Yes


  • Great lumbar support  
  • Artisanal construction 
  • Natural materials


  • Very heavy

This stylish 30cm deep pocket sprung mattress performs beautifully, lavished with layers of 2,800gsm wool, 500gsm wool/silk blend and 2,000gsm alpaca wool all artfully worked into the upholstery.

Like the Herdy Sleep mattress in our list, it is also hand-tufted. This is a laborious, tough process, achieved by a highly-skilled tradesperson wherein the internal fillings are secured from the top of the mattress to the bottom. Three rows of hand side-stitching help prevent sagging at the edge, and the outer springs are secured at the border at the top and bottom.

Compared to all the other mattresses we’ve tested, the Willow Sublime offers a sensation that’s almost like being held aloft. The sweet spot is in the middle third, where a denser zone of pocket springs provides extra support for the spine.

However, a word to the wise: while this mattress is fully turnable to keep it even, it’s a two-person job as it’s also really heavy. Prepare to flex those muscles.

This bed is offered in 10 different sizes and two tensions; medium and firm. Comes complete with a Belgian damask cover.

Small single | £1,339

Single | £1,339

Small double | £1,699

Double | £1,699

King | £1,699

European king | £1,949

Super-king | £1,966

Best for which type of sleeper? Back

Depth: 29cm

Trial period: No

Organic materials? Yes

Soft/firm? Firm

Adjustable? Yes


  • Firm feel suits those who like plenty of support 
  • Lovely damask covering  
  • Reasonably priced


  • Quite heavy
  • May be too firm for some

If you need a place to lay your head at night without sending your bank account into meltdown, this is a worthy contender.

Novo’s pocket-sprung mattress is among the best-value-for-money options around, matching the best qualities from more expensive mattresses but at a snip of their RRP. If you’re the kind of sleeper who needs a high level of support and firmness, this high-quality piece may be the one for you.

The Natural Pocket 2000 is especially deep at 29cm, which is worth considering from an interior design perspective, as well as when you're buying bedsheets. We appreciated the soft damask covering and pull handles attached to the side, which were a great help when it came to moving and flipping the mattress.

If you’re looking for an ultra-supportive, comfortable, traditional mattress at a reasonable price, you won’t be disappointed. Handmade in the UK, and a five year warranty with every sale, this mattress is available in five sizes.

Single | £332.80

Small double | £405.40

Double | £405.40

King | £475.45

Super-king | £646.63

Best hybrid mattresses

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that provides support and comfort using a combination of foams and springs. These mattresses are often touted as a “best-of-both-worlds” option, providing both the uplifting effect of springs and the gentle comfort of foam.

Are hybrid mattresses any good?

Some of the best-rated mattresses on the market are hybrids, so by that measure, yep, hybrid mattresses are great. With that said, the assessment of any mattress is at least partly subjective. If you’re a memory foam or pocket sprung purist, you might not rate a hybrid mattress especially highly.

Foam type: open-cell Simba-pure foam

Best for which type of sleeper?: back and side

Depth: 31cm

Trial period: 200 days

Organic materials?: some, but everything is 100 per cent recyclable

Softness/firm?: medium-to-firm

Adjustable: no


  • Moisture-wicking upper layer for enhanced temperature regulation
  • Greater level of support and cooling thanks to three layers of strong springs
  • No-contact bed-in-a-box delivery and easy setup
  • New shoppers eligible for a first-time buyer discount


  • Extra depth of 31cm means you’ll need bed sheets with deeper corners
  • One of the most expensive options we’ve seen

Simba Sleep has added a brand new mattress to its family, which up until now consisted of the Simba Hybrid and Hybrid Pro. Now the Simba Hybrid Luxe has joined the sleep soiree, and as the name suggests, it’s the most luxurious yet.

This design is made up of ten layers - that’s three more than the Hybrid Pro and double that of the original Hybrid mattress, which has just five.

Driven by data and bringing together the latest in sleep tech. Simba has included a bamboo wool layer between a new skin-facing surface and an open-cell foam layer beneath, improving airflow, temperature regulation and moisture-wicking capabilities.

There’s also an additional layer of 40mm high carbon springs, which together with a double whammy of 25mm aerocoil layer two ‘floors’ up, means the Hybrid Luxe offers a hugely upgraded level of firmness. After a year of WFH, my spine can do with all the extra support it can get.

Like its predecessors, it isolates movement so you won’t wake if your bedfellow does, and there’s no hint of that ‘sinking’ feeling that you normally resign yourself to with an all-foam mattress.

Bottom line? This is Simba’s best, most indulgent mattress yet, and we’ve had nothing but sound sleep since it was delivered, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to pounce on the world. Despite being more than 30cm deep, our regular sheets fit fine, so there’s no need to buy new linen unless you want to.

A word of warning here though: the mattress is much larger even when packed down than the older models, so make sure there are two of you to get it into situ on the bed frame after delivery.

Single | £769.30

Double | £1,119.30

King | £1,259.30

Super King | £1,399.30

Foam type: Open-cell foam; high definition foam with edge support; zoned support base

Best for which type of sleeper? Back and side

Depth: 28cm

Trial period: 200 days

Organic materials? No, but 100 per cent recyclable

Soft/firm? Medium

Adjustable? No


  • Breathable top layer for enhanced temperature regulation
  • Greater level of support thanks to 5,000 Aerocoil springs
  • No-contact bed-in-a-box delivery and simple setup
  • New customers can claim a first-time buyer discount


  • Extra depth means you’ll need to invest in bed sheets with deeper corners
  • Non-removable cover, so a mattress protector is advised

Simba’s Hybrid Pro offers a greater level of support, welcome news for anyone with back pain issues.  

There are seven layers, all engineered to keep you comfortable. The top layers are made with temperature regulating, moisture-wicking wool which keeps you toasty in the winter and cool in the warmer months. Between the Simbatex open-cell foam layer, again designed to maximise airflow, and a high definition foam with edge support is not one, but two layers of unique patented Aerocoil spring foams made from strong titanium. There are 5,000 springs in total.

So while you get the cloud-like sensation on first contact, you’re not sinking into the bed or trapped in a body groove in the middle of the night. This is a pro or con, depending on your preferences; some enjoy feeling ‘held’ but as a sleeper who moves around a lot at bedtime, we liked the supportive freedom offered by the Hybrid Pro.  

Getting it set up couldn’t be easier, although we advise roping in a bedfellow or housemate to help get anything bigger than a double out of the box. Carefully cut through the plastic wrap and unfold over your bed frame, allowing a few hours for it to inflate fully before dressing it with your bed linen.  

Single | £665.25

Double | £828.06

King | £946.46

Super-king | £1,020.46

Foam type: Open-cell foam; high definition foam; support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Front

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 200 days

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Soft

Adjustable? No


  • Lovely soft feel
  • Excellent airflow and temperature regulation 
  • Convenient bed-in-a-box delivery and setup


  • May not be supportive enough for those who weigh 13 stone or more

We’ve no doubt that you've heard of a Simba mattress before and you've probably spotted its adverts when you're out and about. If you prefer a bed on the softer end of the spectrum, this is one comfortable hybrid and combines the comfort of memory foam with the support of springs.

Made with 2,500 super-light mIQro conical pocket springs and five layers of memory foam with a built-in air-flow system to keep you cool and to regulate temperatures, the Simba is less firm compared to other hybrid mattresses but this all comes down to personal preference. It would best suit sleepers who are roughly 13 stone or less.

Another bed-in-a-box, simply open it out on your bed frame and give it some time to plump up - an effortless way to install your new bed.

There are three depths to choose from: 20cm, 25cm and 28cm. EU and UK sizes available.

Single | £406.26

Small double | £554.26

Double | £554.26

King | £628.26

Super-king | £702.26

Foam type: Temperature-regulating memory foam; HD support foam; HD base foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Any

Trial period: 100 days

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Medium-to-firm

Adjustable? No


  • Very supportive  
  • Reasonable priced  
  • Removable, machine-washable cover


  • The feel of this mattress’s memory foam can split opinion

Whether you snooze on your front, back or side, the Otty hybrid is a design of medium firmness with optimum support so your shoulders, back and spine so that they feel like they are always cared for.​

The top layer is made from a Cool Blue Gel memory foam, which is further supported by 2000 pocket springs. If you frequently wake up with aches and pains, this is a winning option and feels more firm when compared to other hybrid mattresses.

It takes a couple of seconds to get used to the unique sensation that comes from laying on this OTTY mattress. The top layer feels squishy but once you adjust to it, we found it to be also noticeably supportive. The unusual feeling is all down to the top layer, made from a gel-infused memory foam that is reinforced by support layer of reflex foam and yet another supportive base of 2000 pocket springs. The cover is removable too, so you can pop it in the washing machine and keep your mattress looking, feeling and smelling as delightful as the day it was delivered.

For those who like the sound of the OTTY Hybrid, but would prefer something with more natural materials, check out the OTTY PURE Hybrid Bamboo and Charcoal mattress, which features bamboo memory foam with charcoal-infused layers. The two materials help with odour reduction and temperature regulation.

Meanwhile, the OTTY Essential Hybrid mattress offers all the same materials as the regular Hybrid, only in a more streamlined design that costs a fair bit less.

Single | £324.99

Small double | £399.99

Double | £424.99

King | £524.99

Super-king | £599.99

Emperor | £674.99

Foam type: Open-cell memory foam; HD support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Back and side

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 100 nights

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Moderate-to-firm

Adjustable? No


  • Great combination of firm support and soft feel 
  • Even support from edge-to-edge 
  • Good temperature regulation


  • Strong off-gassing in the first 24 hours

You might not know about REM-fit but this is an strong hybrid option to consider. Helpfully arriving packed in a box - which makes carrying it up stairs a breeze - the 500 Ortho hybrid mattress by REM-Fit is firm and springy while still retaining that comforting 'sinking in' feeling beloved by foam mattress advocates.

The top layer is made with cool gel-infused memory foam which keeps you sweat free by wicking moisture away from the body so you sleep at a comfortable temperature until it's time to get up. Meanwhile, 2000 tall pocket springs and a high density foam base all help to keep you supported, from edge to edge.

Like many mattresses that incorporate foam, we noticed a prominent scent during the initial unboxing, but it only lasts for around 24 hours, so no cause for alarm. To help speed it along, turn the mattress on its side and lean the top part against a wall in order to expose as much of the top and bottom surface as possible.

The REM-Fit 500 is the brand’s mid-range option. If you’re looking for something a little better-priced, we recommend the REM-Fit 400, which still offers key benefits such as a temperature-regulating, open-cell foam top layer. Meanwhile, the more expensive REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid mattress offers a softer feel and premium components.

Single | £599.25

Double | £749.25

King | £786.75

Super-king | £899.25

Foam type: ‘evecomfort’ breathable foam; memory foam; support foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Any

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 100 nights

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Moderate

Adjustable? No


  • Excellent temperature regulation 
  • Zoned springs provide pressure relief of the shoulders and hips  
  • Moderate feel will suit a wide range of people


  • Expensive relative to some of its close competitors

Enjoy comfort and support from head to toe with eve's hybrid mattress model, which is made from a indulgent combination of 650 full sized pocket springs and specially crafted foam.

The foam is 30x more breathable than the normal stuff, so you'll sleep at a pleasant temperature until your morning alarm wakes you.

In addition to the Hybrid Original, eve Sleep offers Premium and Lighter versions of its Hybrid mattress. The Hybrid Premium is a real class act, featuring an antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial cover, plus 1500 high quality springs. Meanwhile, the Hybrid Lighter offers many of the same benefits as the Original, but with a more moderate depth of 20cm, and at a more modest price.

The company has such confidence in its product that it offers customers a 100 night return policy - if you don't like, it they'll come and collect it and give your money back, no quibbles. This is one of the best-value hybrid mattresses you can buy right now.

Single | £499

Double | £749

King | £849

Super-king | £949

Foam type: ‘Airgocell’ foam; memory foam; HRX foam

Best for which type of sleeper? Any

Depth: 25cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Organic materials? No

Soft/firm? Moderate

Adjustable? No


  • Excellent temperature regulation 
  • Zoned springs provide pressure relief of the shoulders and hips  
  • Moderate feel will suit a wide range of people


  • Expensive relative to some of its close competitors

The Emma Hybrid combines the comfort and quality of the Emma Original, with an added dimension of firm uplift and bounce.

We rate this UK-made mattress as a little firmer than the Original, which can be attributed to a layer of mini pocket springs sandwiched beneath the top layer and the Patented Airgocell foam. This spring layer encourages more airflow through the mattress, helping you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

The distribution of support from the Hybrid is excellent, especially when lying on your back, and even when you’re on your side. Pressure points such as the hips and knees are well cushioned thanks to the mix of the pressure-relieving memory foam and HRX foam, a zoned cold foam layer. Everything is wrapped up neatly in a polyester cover - keep the top fresh by unzipping and adding to your weekly machine wash.

While the mattress is rather heavy at 25kg, it does come with handles stitched onto the side should you need to move it - although this will probably be a two-person job. There's no need to flip or rotate it though; the dense, high-quality triple-foam used means it will bounce back and keep its shape.

All the things considered, the Emma Hybrid Mattress is one of the best mattresses-in-a-box you can buy. From its buoyant support to its luxurious 25cm depth, there’s a strong argument to make this your hybrid mattress of choice.

Comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Single | £499

Small double | £659

Double | £689

King | £779

Super-king | £859

For more on hybrid mattresses read our article on the best hybrid mattresses.


For pocket sprung mattresses, our top pick goes to the expertly crafted Herdy Sleep mattress. Not only is it sublimely comfortable but the quality construction, UK sourced materials and handcrafted components all add to its superb value. The Harrison Spinks Clifton Cashmere Mattress also offers excellent value for comfort and is a luxury mattresses that will see you through many years of restful nights.

The Emma Original Mattress is hands down the best foam mattress we tried. It offers more support compared to other models and the open-pored Airgocell foam takes care not to over heat. A real bonus for foam mattresses.

We think the Otty hybrid mattress is the best value hybrid currently priced at £424.99 for a double.

What is a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is a mattress that provides comfort and support mainly by means of foam inserts.These include memory foams which mould to the body, and support foams, which provide extra cushioning.

How long do foam mattresses last?

Foam mattresses can last anywhere from eight to 20 years. The lifespan of the mattress will depend on factors such as the quality of its construction, the specific types of foam used, and the level of wear-and-tear the mattress goes through over the years. Since foam mattresses differ from each other in all these ways and more, we recommend checking the product listing of your chosen mattress for accurate guidance on its longevity.

Are foam mattresses hot?

The foams used in foam mattresses are often dense, and liable to trap heat. This can mean foam mattresses sleep warmer than pocket sprung mattresses do. However, some foam mattresses have cooling features, such as gel-infused foams.

Can you flip a foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are usually made up of several layers of foam that have been placed in a specific order, designed to enable the best performance. As such, it’s generally best not to flip a foam mattress upside-down. It’s usually fine to turn a foam mattress 180 degrees laterally, if the inclination ever seizes you.

Are foam mattresses good for children?

Most foam mattresses are safe, and supportive enough for little ones to sleep on. If you’re in any doubt, contact the manufacturer before you buy.

How to clean your mattress

Mattresses generally need cleaning only very rarely – especially if you fit yours with a decent mattress protector.

Most mattresses can be deep-cleaned through a process of vacuum-cleaning and spot-cleaning, after which you may choose to sprinkle baking soda onto the mattress in order to absorb any lingering dirt and odours. Once you’re done, vac the mattress again and re-cover.

Please carefully check your mattress’s care instructions before you attempt to clean it.

How do you dispose of your old mattress?

Disposal of old mattresses has traditionally been an environmental and social problem area. However, the times seem to be changing, and in many cases it is possible to dispose of a mattress responsibly.

It may be the case that your old mattress could still provide a few valuable years of use for someone who really needs it. If you believe this to be the case, try looking up charities in your area which either sell second-hand mattresses, or distribute it to people who might struggle to buy a mattress for themselves.

Some mattresses are now made of recyclable materials – take the John Lewis Wensleydale mattress featured in this guide, for instance. Recycling is a great alternative to re-using, if your old mattress is too far gone to be useful to anyone else.

Unfortunately, certain mattresses are unsuitable for recycling and reuse. In these cases, you may need to take the old mattress to the tip. Some mattress manufacturers and retailers will do this for you as part of their delivery service. This isn’t always the case, so be sure to check on this with the seller, rather than assuming an old-mattress-collection service is part of the deal.