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w’air review: the first sustainable laundry device on the market

W’air out stains, dirt and odour at the touch of a button

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21 July 2021

n the last few years, we’ve become more environmentally conscious than ever before. It is no longer niche to forgo plastic shopping bags where our trusted totes have become a firm feature in our supermarket shops. We’ve eliminated plastic straws from our lives, swapped our single-use coffee cups for reusable alternatives and the drive for more sustainable shopping practices pushes on – whether that’s in our fashion, beauty or homeware.

So if you’re wondering what else you can do to green up your life, may we introduce you to the w’air.

Clothing production is just part of the fashion-related carbon footprint where a third actually derives from our sprucing and care practices. While it sounds counter-intuitive based on the fact that detergent is designed for cleaning but our laundry lotions and potions (and their chemical compounds) can have a negative effect on the planet, particularly if they contain phosphate that can build up in waterways and damage marine life.

It’s also been reported that as much as 35 per cent of microplastic comes from sticking our pieces in our machines. Over-washing also leads to shrinkage, fading and thus, wastage. But no longer.

The w’air is not here to entirely replace your washing machine but it will reduce the frequency and help you on your journey to more sustainable living - using 99 per cent less water and 77 per cent less detergent.


So what is the w’air?

This is the first sustainable laundry device on the market. It’s a mix between a steamer and a pressure washer but far more gentle. It uses a combination of water, air and detergent (but only four small spritz’) to remove stains to keep your clothing fresher between washes. The triple threat collides with dirt and odours to eliminate them from the fibres of your garments.

It’s particularly helpful for those dry cleaning regulars – saving you time and energy by effectively blitzing dirt from your delicates, while preserving their integrity.

What can you use the w’air on?

The beauty of the w’air is its versatility. You can use it on just about anything. Whether it’s your children’s cuddly toys, non-machine washable garments, lace lingerie, your favourite denim or even trainers to keep them looking box-fresh for longer.


How does it work?

Seven years in development, it has pioneering patented hydrodynamic technology. Practically speaking, it couldn’t be easier to use.

Simply fill the tank with a mix of water and the brand’s detergent. Lay your item on a hard, flat surface or on the backing mat if it’s a targeted treatment. Use the wand provided and then just point and shoot, hovering over your chosen item if it’s just a simple refresh or apply the wand directly on the stain for a deeper clean. It breaks up smears and removes them from the clothing fibres.

Tech specs

  • Water tank capacity: 250ml
  • Power: 50-60W
  • Can you use tap water?: Yes
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Cordless: No



We tested the w’air on a variety of stains both old and new and it was clear from the outset that the sooner that you zap your items, the better it cleans. For those more ingrained stains, you’ll likely need a pre-treatment applied directly to the area in question – which the brand also offers. There are different pre-treatments based on the type of stain – 1 tackles the likes of juice, red wine and tea, while 2 is best for blood, chocolate, gravy and carrot. You’ll have the most success with just plain old detergent on garden, cooking and makeup mishaps. We can confirm they all smell amazing and super fresh.

For the impatient, give the device a chance to get going. It doesn’t take long but it needs a few seconds for the detergent to mix with the water. The closer you hold the wand also intensifies its cleaning ability but always wipe off addition dollops of your spillages before w’airing as it may spread it.

For the longevity of the product, stick to the recommended quantity of detergent (one squirt per quarter tank). You may think that more detergent equals a better clean but it may just clog up the spray holes.

Call it a sign of the times or our advancing age, but it’s actually an enjoyable product to use. The device turns what could be a boring chore into an exciting task with a much quicker pace than traditional hand-washing and far less fuss. The cleaning hose is long enough to give you more freedom, which counteracts the power cable that is unfortunately quite short. As far as the comparison to a clothes steamer, it is compact with the cabling storing neatly and easily with the touch of a button and then popped away in a cupboard.