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8 best activity books for kids

Occupy their minds and save your sanity all at the same time, says Bianca Barratt

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14 July 2017

he summer holidays are almost here and whilst six weeks of time off is undeniably exciting, there are sure to be times when the weather is bad and you don’t want them to watch any more TV.

During these moments, having some fun and easy to use activity books on hand will be a godsend- filled with exercises, quizzes, colouring and facts they’ll keep the kids entertained and help to expand their minds too.

We’ve rounded up eight of the best.

1. The Puzzle Activity Book

Suitable for: 4 – 5 year olds

Simple puzzles such as mazes, spot the difference and dot to dots make this easy for under fives to access independently. Filled with big cartoon illustrations, kids who like to problem solve will love the maths and reasoning skills incorporated into the exercises.

£4.50, Wordery, Buy it now

2. Engineering Activity Book

Suitable for: 7- 9 year olds

Encouraging young children to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects will help them develop enthusiasm for them in later life. This book is filled with activities that tap into those skills and teaches children about how STEM comes into all parts of life.

£6.99, Amazon, Buy it now

3. Star Wars: Where’s the Wookiee?

Suitable for: 4 and up

Under confident readers will relish the simplicity of this book, which requires a keen eye for detail. A great take on the classic ‘Where’s Wally?’ concept, it’ll engage the minds of sci-fi fans and keep them quiet for at least five minutes. Even better, try it together and see who finds him first.

£3.85, Amazon, Buy it now

4. Brain Training Puzzles for Kids

Suitable for: 8 and up

We all love a good game of Sudoku or a crossword and can often feel our brains aching with the effort to crack them. Help keep your kids’ minds ticking over during the break from school with their own version. Number pyramids, money exercises and anagrams are just a few of the puzzles that’ll challenge their thinking skills.

£3.99, Amazon, Buy it now

5. Children’s Book of Magic

Suitable for: 7 and up

Armed with just a few materials, children can learn some simple magic with this step by step guide. Once they’ve mastered the basics, learning to perform the tricks with finesse will keep them occupied for hours. That’s after dinner entertainment sorted for the rest of the holiday.

£13.50, Amazon, Buy it now

6. Millie Marotta’s Wild Savannah Colouring Book

Suitable for: 7 and up

If your child prides themselves on being able to colour inside the lines, it might be time for more of a challenge. Millie Marotta’s famous colouring books are unparalleled in detail and beauty and the test lies in the ability to complete one of the intricate pages. Once they do, they’ll be so proud of their work they’ll want to move straight on to the next one. It’s great for developing fine motor skills, too.

£3.99, Amazon, Buy it now

7. The Round the World Quiz Book

Suitable for: all ages

Get the whole family involved with this book full of real head scratchers all about planet Earth. Can you name the biggest country in the world? In which country is it rude to arrive on time? Filled with questions that’ll even get the grownups thinking, this is a great one for taking on long car journeys.

£7.99, Waterstones, Buy it now

8. Horrible Histories Terrifying Tudors

Suitable for:9- 11 years

Ignite your child’s passion for history with one of Terry Deary’s fantastic Horrible Histories books. The Tudors was one of the most fascinating time periods in history; filled with enough scandal, intrigue and gore to keep them interested. This one comes with over 200 stickers and a multitude of hilarious stories and activities.

£3.99, WH Smith, Buy it now