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<p>Dame Stephanie Shirley still travels around the world giving speeches and talks - and compiled a volume of her speeches into a book as a “lockdown project” (James Duncan Davidson/TED)</p>

IWD 2021: ES meets tech and WFH pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley

On International Women’s Day Naomi Ackerman meets tech and female business pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley to talk gender equality in 2021 - and why a hybrid working future has the potential to open up opportunities in the corporate world for people with autism


The cool lender getting Gen Z hooked on debt

Klarna is the zeitgeist payments start-up with a fluffy pink image that has boomed during lockdown - its valued has now tripled in six months to $31 billion. But its success has sparked fears over easy credit and young spenders spiralling into debt, says Samuel Fishwick

The Escapist

Have you lost the will to WhatsApp your friends? You’re not alone

Now that our phones have become the entirety of our social lives, no wonder the quest to complete WhatsApp can feel like a chore, writes Katie Strick


Activision Blizzard: Gaming giant reports record $8 billion revenues

More than 100 million people are now playing Call of Duty  each month, the US-based firm said


What’s so special about Hive?

So many new users rushed to join the app the servers crashed - but how is it any different to every other social media platform?

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How the Royal Parks Half Marathon is going digital

Expected app features for the virtual race include audio cues, interactive leaderboards and augmented reality landmarks 


Is President Biden too late to tame big tech?

Never mind the global recession, big tech has never had it so good. But with the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy theories, Joe Biden knows he needs to get a grip. Is it already too late? 


Why is everyone singing sea shanties on TikToK?

Elon Musk is among celebrities embracing the medieval music trend started by a postman. Jake Helm and Katie Strick explain why  


Move over Monzo, the new debit cards to add to your 2021 wallet

From tracking foreign spending to cards that save the planet — upgrade your wallet in 2021,  says Katie Strick


The meme accounts which got us through the bleak first week of January

Liven up your lockdown Insta feed with our favourite meme magicians

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The best dating apps to use in 2021

With Covid bringing fewer opportunities to meet people IRL, dating apps are having their biggest boom yet. Here are the best to try out 

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Free Dry January apps to help you track your progress this month

From tracking how much money you save to joining a sober community, giving up booze doesn't need to be boring 

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Gadgets for carving out some Christmas calm

This year’s Christmas will be smaller and shorter, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be less stressful

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Tred’s recycled green debit card will be next year’s Monzo

It’s made from recycled ocean plastic and will plant trees on your behalf, prepare to see these green debit cards everywhere next year

Health & Fitness

Apple Fitness+ review: a game-changer for home workouts

The shiny new app is billed as “the future of fitness” and features a library of more than 200 on-demand fitness classes from HIIT to dance to yoga


YouTube, Gmail and other Google services return after worldwide outage

Google said it had restored service for the vast majority of its users, just over an hour after the outage was first reported


Tech Trouble: Are we heading for another dotcom crash?

The valuations of the new tech titans are hard to rationalise

The STEM Project

STEM careers: How do I become a video game developer?

Nathan John is a game developer and machine learning researcher – he tells us more about his work and how his career has progressed