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Tech & Science Daily| Artificial intelligence posing risk to human life faces Europe ban

22 April 2021

rtificial intelligence that poses a risk to human life could soon be banned under plans revealed by officials on the Continent.

AI that the European Commission considers “unacceptable” includes robot software presenting what it calls “a clear threat to the safety, livelihoods and rights of people”.

It also wants tougher laws around how biometrics systems like facial recognition are used by police and security services, with big fines for rule-breaking.

How does it feel for MI5 to be followed themselves?

The British security service is joining Instagram as a recruitment tool and to combat those James Bond stereotypes that it’s all about Martinis and machine gun-equipped Aston Martins.

Scientists say teenagers who spend hours trawling social media are more likely to drink alcohol.

Research by University College London, published in the journal ‘Addiction’, suggests having bad experiences online or exposure to alcohol ads could be behind the link.

It’s Earth day! Joe Biden is set to host a virtual summit on climate change with 40 other world leaders, and the UK’s Met Office is working with Microsoft to build a weather forecasting supercomputer which is hoped to improve predictions of severe weather patterns and climate change. Plus, Amazon opens a hair salon with an augmented reality twist, and, rare Mangalitsa piglets have been born at a British zoo.

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