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Tech & Science Daily| After years gazing at Mars, Nasa unveils what it sounds like

23 February 2021

e’ve spent years gazing at Mars and now we can hear the first-of-its kind sound recorded from Nasa’s Perseverance after it landed on the red planet on February 18.

The mission is searching for evidence for life on Mars and to do this the rover will drill 7cm into the rocks on the planet’s surface, sealing the samples in special tubes to be stored on Mars and collected by a future retrieval mission planned for the early 2030’s.

Facebook has re-friended Australia, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the government has agreed to amend legislation forcing the social media giant to pay media companies fornews content.

Facebook’s VP for northern Europe Steve Hatch says the two sides have reached a good compromise.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson setting out England’s path out of lockdown saying that any lifting of lockdown restrictions would lead to more cases and deaths.

Lawrence Young, a professor of molecular oncology at Warwick Medical School, says the virus can’t be contained worldwide and there has to be an acceptance there’ll be some deaths.

After May 15, WhatsApp users won’t be able to read or send messages if they don’t accept the app’s updated terms and conditions. A new machine learning model is using AI to better predict breast cancer, and, Sony’s iconic game ‘Twisted Metal’ is to be made into a TV show.

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