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Air travel
The Escapist

Simon Reeve: ‘My depression drives me forward’

Simon Reeve is tipped as the new David Attenborough. He tells Katie Strick about post-Covid travel and his mental health journey


Can I claim sick pay if I need to quarantine after visiting Spain?

Holidaymakers returning from Spain could lose out on wages after being forced to quarantine


Should you stay or should you go? How to navigate holidays this summer

We’re all dying for a great escape — but is it worth the hassle? From airports to face masks, Suzannah Ramsdale decodes the holiday rules


UK 'readies air bridge deals with several countries'

Deals with Spain, France, Greece and Portugal could reportedly be rolled out as soon as July 4 and would allow travellers to sidestep quarantine rules

ES Magazine

How flygskam (or flight shame) is spreading across Europe

Fears over climate change have led many to rethink the way they travel and, in Sweden, they've even invented a new word for the shame associated with flying


High fliers reveal their worst 'flightmares'

It’s the safest way to travel, yet whisper ‘boarding gate’ and you will be inundated with tales of turbulence, sudden nose dives and flaming phalanges. Here, the capital’s high fliers tell Samuel Fishwick stories from the sky


Florida student who flushed hamster down toilet branded a 'psychopath'

'If that woman really drowned her emotional support hamster so as not to miss a plane, she's a psychopath'


Woman 'told to flush emotional support hamster down airport toilet'

Student flushed hamster Pebbles 'at an airline employee's suggestion' after being left with no other option after she was not allowed to bring it on plane