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BBC Four
Duke of Edinburgh death

BBC ‘gets more than 100,000 complaints about Prince Philip coverage’

It set up a dedicated webpage to handle the complaints.

The studio where Britain’s stars made their mark

BBC Four's documentary tells the inside story of this rural Welsh studio



Revel in the rhythms of Huey Morgan's Latin Music Adventure

Fun Lovin' Criminal Morgan travels to Cuba in this week's instalment


Review: BBC Four's new doc reveals the National Enquirer’s world

The eye-opening new documentary takes a look at one of America's most infamous tabloid brands 


Eurovision: You Decide: Listen to the UK contestants' songs

Six hopefuls are competing for the chance represent the UK in Stockholm - and the public will decide who goes


Close to the Edge: Meet the cast of BBC Four’s OAP reality show

New structured reality series focuses on the elderly residents of Bournemouth