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A Cure for Darkness by Alex Riley: How I live with mental illness

Lobotomies, electroshock therapy and crippling medication are just some of the treatments that have been used to treat depression in the past. Science writer and sufferer, Alex Riley decided to write a book about the history and treatment of depression, partly to help heal himself, he tells Katie Law

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Weight lifting can change your life—here’s how to get started

It’s no longer the intimidating, male-dominated section of the gym to be avoided at all costs. Now, more and more women are strength training too. From a female-only weight lifting gym to expert beginner tips, Rosie Fitzmaurice has your guide to pumping iron


How Normal People perfectly tackles men's mental health

The new BBC show tackles male mental health in a carefully nuanced way. Laura Hampson explains why it’s compulsory viewing


Lockdown is making existing mental health issues worse

With lockdown affecting the mental health of nearly half of the nation, its repercussions on our collective psyche could be severe. Laura Hampson investigates


Meet Dr Julie Smith, the TikTok therapist

The clinical psychologist is the first mental health professional to start using TikTok 


Mental health check: how does your borough fair?

A survey of the capital’s mental wellbeing has revealed the things that are keeping us awake at night. How did your borough measure up?

London Life

How a tattoo could help you overcome mental health problems

Tattoos are helping aid the recovery of those struggling with their mental health

London Life

How to overcome workplace anxiety, according to an expert

Workplace-related anxiety is more common than you think


Flow: new headset offers medication-free way to treat depression

The headset uses weak electrical currents to treat depression 


How NLP can help you to overcome anxiety and depression

Neuro-linguistic programming can translate anxiety into new ways of thinking, finds Samuel Fishwick 


People with OCD are six times more likely to be in debt

New research sheds light on a 'vicious cycle' between mental health issues like OCD, anxiety and depression, and problem debt

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Are you feeling SAD? What is Seasonal Affective Disorder and how can

Winter blues is common among Britons but not many people are aware of its serious side

Health & Fitness

Why are millennial women seeking alternatives to the pill?

Studies have shown that more millennials are seeking alternatives to the sexual miracle of the Sixties

London Life

'Why I’m on a mission to bring London together'

After her husband’s suicide, journalist Poorna Bell realised that for all its dazzle, our capital can create a perfect storm of isolation. Here, she writes about her drive to harness human kindness and build a more connected city

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Young people today are the unhappiest in a decade

A new study has revealed that half of young people experience a problem with mental health

Health & Fitness

How parents can help a teenager with anxiety or depression

A new study reveals half of young people experience a problem with mental health - here's how to help

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Head Talks partners with celebs to help kids with mental health

Online resource Head Talks offers more than 100 free videos giving advice and personal anecdotes as well as live talks