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Even economists cheer up as Britain set for Spring splurge

The dismal science keeps proving too pessimistic about our prospects


UK jumps from gloom to optimism in a month as vaccine rolled out

EXCLUSIVE POLL: The Conservatives have taken a seven-point lead over Labour as more think things will improve over the coming year


Why Lloyds should buy rental property giant Grainger

Comment: Grainger is a great business doing what Lloyds wants to do, and it’s cheap


Budget EXCLUSIVE: Sunak to increase contactless payment limit to £100

The move, set to be announced in the Budget, is only possible because of Britain’s exit from the EU, which sets the cap for member states


Andy Haldane: ‘Pessimism is as contagious as the virus itself’

As Rishi Sunak prepares to unveil his Budget, the Bank of England’s top economist on V shaped recoveries, why we must be optimistic about the future and why those who can must spend, spend, spend


Boom boom Britain, why the economy is poised to bounce back

Comment: Reasons to be cheerful about the UK economy


New Covid testing surge will help us reopen, pledges Dominic Raab

Instant tests plan to crush outbreaks ‘like ton of bricks’ after lockdown


Economy ‘poised like coiled spring to bounce back after lockdown’

The savings “nest-egg” could be over £250 billion by July, Andy Haldane says


My friendly advice to the shadow chancellor: step up or step away

Anneliese Dodds has failed to adequately criticise the Government's economic handling of the pandemic


Row over whether Government Covid policy is ‘skewed’ in favour of men

MPs: 'Government policies have repeatedly skewed towards men'


The arts crisis is deepening — here’s how it could be stopped

A punchy new report says that the arts are crucial to London’s recovery — but they’re on the brink. Robert Dex talks to culture leaders about what they need to survive