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<p>Samantha Barks and Stephanie McKeon</p>

Glamorous friends of dashing prince

Philip described suggestions he had been unfaithful as ‘absolutely cuckoo’.

No bonuses for directors or staff at BP after dismal year

Bernard Looney and his team get no cash bonuses as company loses $5.7 billion


One to watch: the opera filmed in a Kensington clock shop

A performance of L’Heure Espagnol filmed on an antique clock shop is the latest creative response from performers to Covid restrictions


The best summer festivals for arts lovers in 2017

We've rounded up the best summer festivals for arts lovers, from Latitude to Wilderness


Compagnie XY review: Charming, heartfelt and enormously skilful

This cooperative company raise each other up to new heights, writes Lyndsey Winship


Step inside David Bowie's musical Lazarus at the V&A

It forms part of the museum's fourth Performance Festival which takes place this month


Isabel Lewis on bringing Tate visitors to their senses

Former dancer Isabel Lewis is taking over Tate Tanks with a new installation that uses music, performance, smells and even food to create a unique immersive experience, she tells Lyndsey Winship


​Pieter Ampe, So You Can Feel: Exposing encounter is silly and serious

Pieter Ampe's full-on performance is a challenging display of exhibitionism and vulnerability, writes Lyndsey Winship


Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: Endlessness and deja vu

Fans of Pina Bausch may feel that they've seen this show before, writes Lyndsey Winship


Artists celebrate the cultural importance of the barber shop

There will even be the chance to get a cheap haircut 


Gandini Juggling: Be dazzled this fruity juggling group's skills

This performance is about fun as well as control, writes Bruce Dessau


What to see at this year's London International Mime Festival

Celebrate the Festival's 40th birthday by making sure you catch these breathtaking shows


Hetain Patel is a cleverly engaging guide to the topics of our time

Hetain Patel could do with tearing into his themes with sharper teeth, writes Lyndsey Winship


Performers recreate refugees Calais Jungle at Southbank Centre

The performance includes poetry, spoken word and theatre