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<p>Greta Thunberg rose to fame for leading international school strikes</p>

Talking Point: Should councils have more power to restrict traffic?

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Tackling the hidden dangers of pollution — inside your home

We often think of dirty air in terms of busy roads and exhaust fumes but some of the most immediate dangers are found within our four walls. Here Nicola Slawson explains how many of them are caused by cleaning products and sealed windows


Revealing maps show London's worst neighbourhoods for energy loss

Project analysing millions of buildings by University College London for the Greater London Authority also shows how the capital's landmarks fared for the amount of heat that leaks out from them


Scientists 'shocked' at high levels of microplastics in River Thames

Fragments of sanitary pads, balloons, elastic bands and carrier bags were found in crabs' stomachs


London air pollution readings plummet as covid-19 calms traffic

Readings of nitrogen dioxide fell by a third in the capital at the start of the week, as the coronavirus pandemic reduced traffic levels

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Is indoor air pollution building up in your home?

Breathe free at home using these during coronavirus lockdown to combat household pollution


Why the hybrid car could be the best option for London motorists

'Clean' electric car sales are still dwarfed by the traditional SUV market - but will a new decade spur a shift towards the eco alternative?

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There's something in the water: the contents of the River Thames

What is London made of? To learn about the quotidian existence of its citizens, look to the murky waters that rush beneath its bridges — and, more importantly, what’s in them, says Samuel Fishwick