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Ryan Giggs arrived at Manchester crown court to enter not guilty pleas

How many times a day is too many to text your partner?

Dominic Cummings has quipped that Carrie Johnson texted Boris ‘89 times in one hour’ about the Hancock scandal. Jessica Benjamin asks if that’s a tad overboard?


Together: Lockdown two-hander feels better suited to stage than TV

James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan play a couple navigating life locked down in a film written by Dennis Kelly


Royal Mail boss must remember his “magnificent” staff

City Comment: Postal workers are among the heroes of the pandemic

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8 relationship red flags you should look out for

Sometimes, there are clear signs that you shouldn't take things further

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The signs your friend is in an emotionally abusive relationship

Signs of emotional abuse can be hard to spot because they don't leave physical scars but there are a few changes in their behaviour you can look out for

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8 signs it’s time to move on that you might not spot

It’s not always easy to know when you need to call time on your relationship


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My girlfriend is way more successful than I am - and 16 years older

So, what’s it really like to date an older woman who is crushing her highly visible career in the fashion world, and most importantly, is a legend on Instagram?

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Straight women orgasm less during sex than any other demographic

According to new research, straight women aren’t getting their fair share