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Covid restrictions: The latest situation across the UK nations

Scotland is taking its next gradual steps out of Covid lockdown on Friday while Wales has set out fresh dates for its own easing of restrictions.

Boris hails ‘small step’ towards freedom after ‘months of sacrifice’

Asked by the Standard whether he could guarantee no more lockdowns, the PM said: ‘Yes...with provisos’


Government too slow to tighten tier restrictions, says top adviser

Ministers have insisted that they took the right decisions at the right time


PM’s cautious tone suggests slow way out of lockdown, say scientists

The Prime Minister said he wants “really, really low” case numbers and warned against allowing more dangerous new strains of Covid to be incubated in the population


Don’t suggest ‘moral duty to go to pub’ after lockdown, PM warned

Last June, the Prime Minister backed a suggestion that people should ‘do their patriotic best for Britain’ and head to the pubs when they re-opened on July 4