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Transport For London

Labour calls for probe into Johnson’s ‘political attack’ on London mayor

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner accused the Conservative leader of breaching the ministerial code.

Motorists face £3.50 daily charge to drive into Greater London

The radical move is among a series of options suggested to Sadiq Khan as a way of restoring TfL’s long-term income


Young men least likely to wear masks on Tube and buses, TfL chief says

It has been mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport since June 15


London Underground will not run through night on NYE due to Covid

The Tube shutdown is designed to discourage people from congregating late into the night in central London


Experts find no evidence of Covid-19 on Tube and buses in London

But one expert said surface contact is "not the main issue” for virus transmission


As row rages over TfL bailout and C-charge... who really runs London?

TfL has blown its budget — and this week the congestion charge became the latest frontier in the bitter conflict raging between City Hall and Westminster. Julian Glover has the inside track

Business News

‘TfL report must be published before fare hike’

EXC: Business leaders expressed alarm that the Government appears to be keeping secret an independent report by accountants KPMG into the state of Transport for London’s finances and the causes